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    Great Lakes Shoreline via Northshore Hawaii/California/Florida/ Mexicio/British Columbia
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    History, Escatology, Hidden history, Law, Art, Surfing & Making Surfboards and Skimboards and Wake Surfers. Also Motorcycle's of all sorts and eras from scooters and mopeds to large cruisers, and sport bikes. Also am an avid nature observer. When out in the open sky with beach and ocean or forrest then I am in church. Life is Good! Adventures with my wife are the Highlight of my day! I have felt a kinship to the Roman Way from the age of 9(dinosaurs ruled before that lol) thru the present. The influence of Roman culture affects our world every day right now in the present. That is the legacy the ancient ones pass down to us. PAX ROMANUS
  1. Valentino Maximus46

    Where Is Every One From?

    Is the coin you have displayed yours? If so thats very cool. I have always want a real roman coin. Nova Scotia is a beautiful place. The wild mustangs on Sable Island are an awesome sight!
  2. Valentino Maximus46

    Where Is Every One From?

    Ego Sum Egues Unda! Fluctus Sum! Or something like that lol. Escaped from Detroit as a young guy to go and Surf the World! Made it to Florida, Cape Hatteras, N.C., New Jersey Shore, California, Mainland Mexico, Baja, Yucatan Pennisula, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Ontario, Canada. And lived for many years On the North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii. and Kauai. Surfed all around the Great Lakes except on the Minn. side of Lake Superior(which has some great surf spots by the way). My love and interest of Rome and its continuing sphere of influence has been a life long interest! In a life filled with heros Julius Caesar was number 1. He still is but for reasons other than when I was a kid. Marcus Cicero is another hero! His grasp of law and how it applied was/ is outstanding. Ovid is one of my all time favorite writers! I am trying to learn Latin so to be able to read these works as they were wrritten. But I have a long ways to go lol. Are there any Latin teachers willing to teach a dimblub? So in answer to the question. I am from the Beach wearever that may be!
  3. Valentino Maximus46

    Cracks threaten Rome's majesty

    In my own limited and fairly unsuccessful career being an entrepreneur I have learned one thing; People actually appreciate something more when they actually have to pay for it (sometimes charging more for something increases that even more in the buyers mind). Don't ask me how I know lol. So 'charging' to visit some of the most significant monuments in history may have a positive effect? People then have a 'vested' interest which can be translated into the preservation of those places. Look at the amounts that are charged to attend stupid theme parks(Disney World, etc.). These are really nothing more than fancied up carnivals. If it has worth, it has value, and it should be compenstated. In this day and age that translates into money. Observing a sign that hung over a used car lot on the island of Oahu, Hawaii stated: MONEY TALKS - B.S. WALKS. That was right to the point and very concise.
  4. Valentino Maximus46

    "The Roman Mysteries"

    Thanks Nephele! This should be a good. Its been along time since Masterpiece Theatre produced "I Cladius" for PBS. That production has now become 'ancient' history' lol! Yes that story was really about the 'royal family' of England. But there was still a glimpse of ancient roman life that made that series intriguing?
  5. Valentino Maximus46

    What was the Gladius designed to do?

    That short deadly weapon was for up close and personal combat. As stated elsewhere in this thread, also able to be weilded in close quarters and used with agility. In the heat of battle where soliders from both sides are cleaved, wounded, dying and deceased the 'hecticness' of the moment would amount to climbing over bodies and animals as well as terrain, with stench of death hanging like a cloud over the engagement. We of modern times have no clue as to what it was really like in those battles of long ago. I don't care how tuff your 'hood' may be where you reside lol.
  6. Valentino Maximus46

    Animal Sacrifice

    The Latins used gladiator contests at funeral gatherings as a means of showing how wealthy the deadman had been in life. This practice going back to an era of Romes very early period, I believe. When it was a struggling villiage evolving into a city state. The practice of chariot racing was the first major sport of the emerging sphere of Roman influence. As the Latin tribes gradually were absorbed into Roman Culture the practice of violente gladitore(sp?) it was still used as a funerary activity but was rapidly exanding way beyond that role. Once Rome became a major player in the control of the Italian peninsula, Sicily, Corsica, then the games really started to become an enitity unto themselves. I believe this is correct as its comming from memory that seems to be getting fuzzyier all the time lol!
  7. Valentino Maximus46

    Why was Caesar a great general?

    If Verticingetorix had not had the communication problems with his allies army out in the field. The outcome could have been quite different? In a brilliant military tactical display, Julius leads the secondary charge and so inspires his legions that they turned a closing defeat into a rousing victory. Julius risked it all and he pulled off the victory! He was a driven man. For reasons we may never fully know or understand, I think he had some major issues with the prospect of failure? That may have haunted and drove him through out his entire life? But sometimes in life we do our greatest work when we are "under the gun" so to speak.
  8. Valentino Maximus46

    What Would You Be In Roman Society....

    Greetings all who gather here, As Pubilius Syrus wrote, "We are all equal in the presence of death". Let my legacy be remembered as; a just and honorable man who was kind to all and a helpful soul. The husband of one wife and a good provider for his family. Who utilized his artisic talents to bring joy to the beholder of his work. To live near the sea. Where the waves unfold in perfect symmetry across a bountiful reef. Life is Good! Pax Romanus