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  1. wally1987

    A Date With 12 Emperors

    me too Germanicus, if u wouldn't mind posting the spreadsheet or emailing it to me, wud be greaty apreciated...... im a little new to this n want to learn!!
  2. wally1987

    An Interesting Thought I Had...

    Rome's collapse came about because when something holds so much power, greed and lust for power always ends up in the destruction of the thing that brings that very power.
  3. wally1987

    Armour Change?

    From what i understand on the situation with the armour change is that many of the roman soldiers didnt feel protected enough with the chain armour and the solid plates that formed the post chain armour felt more protective and gave the roman legions more confidence in their defensive measures.
  4. wally1987

    Dogs And Stirrups

    Augustus, im aware of the dogs' use in more modern combat situations, however dog training in the roman era wassnt what it is today.... and dogs under the crude training methods of roman trainers were no where near sphisticated enough weapons for use to any great effect in the roman battle plans.
  5. wally1987

    Dogs And Stirrups

    I certainly recall reading something on the subject of using dog scouts......but i cant remember anything stating that they were used in battle situations, as they are too unpredictable and after a few incidences of them turning on their own side, they dropped the use of them in battle situations. Plus in the defence of computer games, the developers try and research the subject as fully as they can, obviously it is not to be taken as 100% truthful or to be trusted fully, but parts of those such games have some true aspects to them......
  6. wally1987

    Testudo Formation

    From what i can see this formation was just a temporary defensive measure contained within an offensive towards fortifications....... hold up in the testudo untill the arrowfire dies down or untill the defenders simply run out of ammo, its only really became as well known as it has due to its inventiveness and portrays the roman army's attempt to become invincible on the bettlefield...... in my opinion of course..... 'The complete roman army' is an awesome book btw!
  7. the roman battle formation was inspired though, the wedges formed just simply smashed through the masses of Iceni ...... with the terrain it was carried out upon, in my opinion unstopable.
  8. Although the tactics the romans employed to beat boudicas army of tribesmen were perfect for the situation and used the terrain to they advantage, if boudicas superior numbers had have been more organised and less 'charge now plan later' would they have been more succesful? cant help but think........poor little druids!!!