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  1. (*Disclaimer ... yes, I fully realize what I'm about to present comes from a book of historical FICTION) I've recently begun reading "Fortune's Favourites" by Colleen McCullough chronicling Sulla's rise to Dictator. Early on she portrays a scene where young Pompey Magnus leads his troops to join with Sulla's forces and Pompey is aghast at Sulla's physical appearance (not to mention the fact that he was drunk!). Pompey comes to find that Sulla is suffering from some sort of affliction which causes his skin to itch uncontrollably, the effect of which is his skin is riddled with sores and bleeds, and his hair has fallen out. She indicates that Sulla at that point has taken to wearing a wig to hide this and that somehow drinking voluminous amounts of wine helps to control this condition from breaking out. The book mentions that the condition came about as a result of a bad sunburn suffered by Sulla in Greece during the Mithrandatic Wars. Can anyone shed any light (no pun inteneded, Sulla!) as to whether there is any historical basis for the above? If so, any idea what this affliction was that Sulla suffered from? Was he believed to have suffered from skin cancer? Earlier on in the series, Sulla was said to have suffered a horrendous sunburn while on campaign with Marius in Jugurtha. Why would wine counteract it? I know it's considered to be a preventative. (Doctor Asclepiades ... I'm looking at you!)
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    Happy B-Day, Lost Warrior

    Happy birthday, LW!
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    Happy Birthday Northern Neil

    Happy birthday, Neil!
  4. Not sure I'd like to BE in any of 'em. To be able to witness though? Give me Cannae and Alesia.
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    Claudius and "breaking wind "

    It's illegal in my house, according to Mrs G-Manicus.
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    I vote "Pfffft!" be added next.
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    Obama: McCain "like Cato".

    Perhaps he meant ... this:
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    A Birthday Wish to The Augusta

    Yo! Happy belated birthday, The!
  9. You'll be sadly missed, Gaius. It was a pleasure knowing you.

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    Sad News

    Wow. Just wow.
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    Free Roman Books

    They've changed the site now. You're able to open up the book for free on the internet but you have to pay a fee to download the PDF file.
  12. It's said that Caesar's assassins also wished to kill Marc Antony on the Ides of March but that he was spared at the (looking back now) naive insistence of Brutus, who thought Antony could be brought around once Caesar was gone. Hearkening back to Cicero's famous quote describing Caesar's assassination as "that superb banquet," what would the impact have been had they expanded the menu to include Antony? Would the Republic have survived? Or was the Empire inevitable? I find it hard to imagine Octavius rising to power without Antony's military might to do the heavy lifting. That aside, was the Republic already beyond saving? Was the damage inflicted upon it by the brothers Gracchus, Gaius Marius, Sulla, Caesar, etal, a mortal wound? Was it only a matter of time until somebody was able to come along and consolidate power and sweep away the last vestiges of he Republic ?
  13. What modern songs would serve as an appropriate theme song for a particular person or event from the Ancient World? For example: For MJ Brutus, Cassius, Decimus Brutus, and the rest of the Liberators (so called) .... "The Backstabbers" by The O'Jays On the flip side ... "Cuts Like a Knife" by Bryan Adams for J. Caesar
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    Happy Birthday, Ingsoc!

    Happy birthday, dude!
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    Modern "theme music" for the Ancient World

    This next one is dedicated to Romulus and Remus ... "You are my brother, my best friend forever ..."
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    I need input on Allan Massie's Roman novels

    I picked up "Caesar" and started reading it last week. This line on page 67 makes me question whether to continue with the series: "I am Gaius Octavius Thurinus. My mother is Caesar's sister." *sigh*
  17. Anyone read 'em? If so, can you help me out on what order his books are to be read in, or does it not matter? The reason I ask is that the order of publication does not match the historical sequence. The novels were published in the following order: Augustus: The Memoirs of the Emperor 1986 Tiberius: The Memoirs of the Emperor 1991 Caesar 1993 Antony 1997 Nero's Heirs 1999 Caligula 2004 Would I be better served to read them in chronological order starting with Caesar > Antony > Augustus > etc? Thanks in advance.
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    Modern "theme music" for the Ancient World

    For Agrippa Postumus: "Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely" by the Backstreet Boys
  19. In retrospect, I guess there were some red flags ....
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    Name Your Own Roman Epic

    "Of all the Nerva!" (The story of the fall of the Flavian Dynasty) "The Patrician Magicians" (a comedy starring Penn and Teller as ancient con men)
  21. To prepare for Ocatvian's naval campaign against Sextus Pompeius, Marcus Agrippa created an inland harbor off of the Bay of Naples, what came to be known as "Portus Julius," so he could construct and train a huge fleet. My understanding is that Agrippa accomplished this by digging a series of canals between several nearby bodies of water in order to flood the area and create his harbor. My question is how would they have gone about doing so much digging? To me this sounds like an enormous undertaking. Would this have been done with slaves (or the legions) using simple shovel like tools? Or did the Romans have any known mechanical devices to be used for excavation type work?
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    Firefox 3 New Feature Video

    I love firefox. The customizable toolbars are the coolest thing ever.
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    What movies have you seen recently?

    Following on the heals of the Directv movie channel preview weekend I recently saw the following: Rocky Balboa - I loved the original Rocky movie, but that was about it. I saw II, III, and IV. Thought they were all "eh." Never saw V and VI (there was a VI, right??. This one had gotten decent reviews so I gave it a whirl. Thought it was quite enjoyable. They made the plot sound somewhat feasible (aging Rocky comes out of retirement to fight an exhibition against the undefeated champ). The sappy "Adrian anniversary tour" aspect was a bit of a bore and just an excuse to introduce clips from the original Rocky, but that aside it was a nice, uplifting flick. Good stuff. Knocked Up - The wife and I were really looking forward to seeing this given how popular it was in the theater. Wow. What a piece of crap. The hot, upwardly mobile, E! show correspondent falls for an unemployed, moronic, slacker, pothead? Are you kidding me? Every other scene was this guy or his buddies doing drugs.
  24. I wonder what kind of internet connection they get out there.
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    Herod and Marcus Agrippa

    I always found it of interest that two major players near the end of the 1st century BC would share the name "Agrippa." How did Herod come to possess the cognomen "Agrippa" though? Is there any connection between he and Marcus Agrippa? I don't see where it appears to have been a family name of sorts. Having been born in 10BC, was this some sort of tribute to M. Agrippa, who died 2 years earlier? Can anyone offer any insights on the origin of his name? Is it all just a coincidence? No different than there being, say, 2 individuals in the world named David Archuleta and Adam Archuleta?