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  1. Praebitorae

    The Augusta & Pertinax?

    After first having been way up!
  2. Praebitorae

    Where would you have lived in the Roman Empire?

    Ydw..Ydijch chi ? It's unpolaite to exclude others by using a alien language withoud trans. "Yes Iam ,are you?."
  3. Praebitorae

    naming a team

    Deo Violentis. Homo victus.
  4. Praebitorae

    The vote on Turkey

    Wheader we like Turkey or not doesn't realy matter, the West NEEDS them. What do most want and hope to ashieve with motions like those adopted by Congres? They simply want Turkey to CONFESS TO the fact and ACKNOWLEDGE that they commited grave attroceties against the Armenian people. The killing ore just having about 700.000 "starved" can't be called ore waved away with the argument "'t was war ,we made mistakes.." Nor should WE forget that it DID happen, it happend as good as the willfull sloughter of the American Indians ,the fact that it is "a old hat" doesn't free the Turkish people of a moral guild against the Armenians and the ofspring of the victims especialy. Turkey should simply "come clean" and aknowldege what has happend and acsept the consequences of that , it's THAT what the western world asks of them. None beeing right in his mind would blame pressent day Turks for what happend in those day's for those who took it upon them to do it are already dead for a long time. Facing youre history isn't easy and often painfull as well but it's a introget part of growing up as nation and people and...unavoidable anyhowe.
  5. Praebitorae

    Romans in Denmark?

    Roman traders almost curtainly followed the Amber-street up to the Baltic states of today crossing the vast Skythian terr. They might aswell traveled into Lutum (lat. name for Jylland) for ex in the times of Augustus and Tiberius when there was still a more frequent and stronger Roman presence north and east of the Rhine.
  6. Praebitorae

    Sumerian Chariots

    The way they are drawn the motion of the animals brings me to a 95% conclusion that they are indeed horses and not donkey's. Indeed the Horses started in there evolution about the size of dogs but in the age I was speaking of larger horses where already there ofcourse next to them smaller gatherings exsisted as they do still today. However youre sugestion that donkey chariots where used to bring (e.t fresh ) troops up to the battelfield should not be simply ignored. Ore that those where used for routine patrole buisness bearing in mind that often these city-states covered quite a bit of terr.
  7. Praebitorae

    The Augusta.

    Luppa Omnipotenta. And...its to be POSITIVELY translated knowing the div meanings of the word "Luppa"...
  8. Praebitorae

    Birthday Salutations Longbow!

    Many happy returnes of the day and wish you a 100 years.
  9. Praebitorae

    Sumerian Chariots

    Vaguely I recal having seen a scene like this in stone. If my memmory serves me well it dates pre- Sargon of Akkad (not to be confused with Sargon of Assyria) The Gutean age say Ur, Uruk,Lagash around 2500 B.C. Somewhere between roughly 26 and 2300BC Horses where introduced into Meso Warfare as the Standart of Ur showes us. http://college.hmco.com/history/west/mosai...ndard_of_ur.jpg But I've to say it again...absolutly grand!
  10. Praebitorae


    a...No not realy.
  11. Praebitorae

    Where Is Every One From?

    Born in the land of the Silurii lives in Gaul. 18 . Moves Dec to Ivdea for two simple reasons. I like it there and they're willing to give me the job I want.
  12. Praebitorae


    THAT explanes a lot! I could have been born a 100 years ago ,but I was given the choise either to be born in the family of a insurance salesman or in a family not insured at all...I dec to wait a century!
  13. Praebitorae

    Pertinax in Peril!

    a Briganti with a good knowledge of Helvetii See blog. Never mind..Helvetii are adorable! Wanna fight it out on the Limes in Britannia? ,soon you have youre chance
  14. Praebitorae


    Re read the conditions on youre buildings enshurences. Mostly bringing danger youreself to you're buildings isn't covert!
  15. Praebitorae

    Birthday Hails to G-Manicus!

    Late again... I wish you a 100 years . And double o'what you wish me.