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  1. Today I was looking at a site that posted historical photographs that had been colorized. Facinating. I thought something similar was posted on UNRV once showing Roman portrait busts of certain emperors painted in life-like colors.


    I know it is widely thought that most were painted garishly but there have been sculputres found that indicate otherwise right? I recall a large sculptured head found underwater(?) not too long ago.

  2. Lindsey Davis came to Minnesota one year not too long ago. I wanted to go so bad but it was a cold winter and at that particular time there was very heavy snow, nearly a blizzard.  Forgot about your possible trip here in November.  It will be here before you know it.

  3. Is that far from you, Ghost? I guess I could go read a map.


    I finished "The Ides of April" long ago but never expressed an opinion or gave a review. At first I had a somewhat difficult time getting into Albia's character. I mean, I knew of her from the Falco series but for some reason in her adult role I couldn't quite like her. Does that sound terrible? And I pretty much guessed who the killer was right away, unlike the other books where there were so many twists and turns. BUT - I did enjoy the book overall. Read it very quickly as usual. It was great hearing her speak of her mother and father and describing the flat where she lived. Remember it well from the Falco novels. By the end of the book I was looking foward to more of her adventures. 

  4. So far I'm really enjoying the book. Have to stop once in awhile and think to remember certain characters from the Falco series. Comes back quickly though. And yes, that Davis humor is there, i.e - quote: "My senatorial grandmama was a wonderful woman, only surpassed by her plebeian counterpart........If I mentioned her at the stall where she used to buy roots for her broth cualdron, the greengrocer still mimed running for the hills".   :lol:

  5. Received my copy of Lindsey Davis's new book, "The Ides of April", A Flavia Albia Mystery, in the mail yesterday. I understand that Ghost of Clayton has been listening to the audio book version already, since it came out early in Britain. So what do you think so far Ghost? I'm anxious to begin reading the book today, as it's raining and that means no garden work. :clapping:

  6. Bryaxsis  - I LOVE the first wall painting. If I had the energy I had in my youth I would attempt to copy that onto my bathrom wall. In fact, long time ago I did actually paint a mural on my bathrom wall, a Roman maiden standing with a bowl of fruit behind the toilet, and to her left was a scene of the Grand Canal in Venice. :lol:  All in beautiful shades of burnt sienna, yellow ochre, blues, ect. My friends admired it so much, and it remained there for many years until I remodeled the room six years ago and painted over it. No photo of it was ever taken which upset my one friend very much. He was hurt that I painted over it. too funny.


    Metella, it may not be what your are looking for but I found a site on Etsy that sold the most amazing shower curtains. They are expensive but the person photo copied some very interesting and beautiful scenes onto the curtain. I will try to look for the site and post back here. I had one bookmarked for a long time - it had The Three Graces on it I think, but I couldn't justify the cost. :(

  7. I was so hoping someone would bring this up. I was baffled as well and thought they just added Julius for kicks or it was "some guy" who happened to be named Julius Ceasar. I had heard on a documentary  that Julius Ceaser was indeed part of the army that hunted down Spartacus.  Thanks for your info, as it makes more sense to me.