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Artimi, you are the daughter of Gaius Sosius, who first briefly united himself with Pompey during Rome's civil war, and then switched sides to Caesar. Josephus tells of how your father, in 37 BCE, "advanced against Jerusalem along with Herod, and after hard fighting became master of the city, and placed Herod upon the throne." Marcus Antonius granted your father a triumph in 34 BCE, and the consulship in 32 BCE. Your name of "Sosiolla" is an affectionate feminine diminutive of your father's name.


Your cognomen is "Reduta," meaning "sequestered; withdrawn," for your father tries to keep you confined to your chambers in the safety of the domus, as befitting a proper Roman lady of marriageable age. Your father doesn't always succeed, however.


Your full Roman name is:


Sosiolla Reduta