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    Newcomer to Roman History - Recommended books?

    Caesar: Life Of A Colossus by Goldsworthy is excellent. Another great book by him that you might want to check out is In The Name Of Rome: The Men Who Won The Roman Empire
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    Greatest movie ever made, but, i've already got it on DVD...and VHS...And downloaded on my computer, lol.
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    5 books on great generals

    It's funny you should say that because I bought that book last week but Haven't as yet got round to reading it, but from what I hear it is very good and deserves to be on the list, but the list was based on books that I'd personally read myself........ so there! I've read it as well, and it really is fantastic.
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    Where Is Every One From?

    We've always had a healthy American and UK contingent, but Canadians have ben lacking. Until now. I hope you guys remain active. Perhaps someday you'll feel close enough to arrange a UNRV meet in Nova Scotia the way our UK members have done. Well, it's unlikely i'm going to be meeting up with any of my fellow Nova Scotians here anytime soon. As I mentioned in the introduction thread, i'm leaving for Basic Training in 8 days, and that runs till the middle of July. Not long after that is finished, i'm likely going to be heading out to Victoria, British Columbia for my specialty training, so i'm not going to be spending much more time here in good ole Nova Scotia unfortunately!
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    Reading material on the Cimbrian War?

    Does anyone know of any good book that deal with the events of the Cimbrian War? All the sources that i've been able to locate on this conflict have featured the Cimbrian War as just one event, in books covering a broad selection of topics.
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    Civilization IV

    I play this game all the time, and the large majority of the time, I play with the Romans! Not just because I love Roman History though, but because they are overall, in my opinion, the best Civilization in the game. The Forum is one of the better unique buildings in my opinion, and the Praetorian's are probably the most dominant unit in the game for their respective time period. Praetorian's are damn near unstoppable until the invention of Feudalism(So you can build Longbowmen). I prefer to play with the Augustus Caesar leader, as the +50% Wonder Production is a huge, huge bonus.
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    Overhear the world twittering about Roman Empire:

    From that site:
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    what part of the army would you be in?

    Primus Pilus, or "First Spear" Centurion. That way i'd be a soldier of relatively high rank, but i'd still be down there in the trenches, fighting alongside my men!
  9. I would have loved to be there at the Battle of Alesia. 60,000 Roman soldiers, against 80,000 Gauls on one side of them, and 250,000 on the other. What a rush! Plus: Who honestly wouldn't want to fight for Caesar?
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    Your Hidden Roman Name

    I like it! Thanks! I have a question for you: I've noticed that the spelling of certain Roman names in history books tends to differ from author to author. 2 that i've noticed are Gaius/Caius and Gnaeus/Cnaeus. Why is it that these names are sometimes spelled with a C and sometimes with a G, even when author's are referring to the same person?
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    Where Is Every One From?

    Another Nova Scotian here. From Sydney, up on Cape Breton Island. Wow, we have 3 Nova Scotians here? That's crazy. Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia here.
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    What's the last book you read?

    It's not bad, but I much preferred her book 'Here be Dragons' about Llewelyn Fawr, Prince of Wales during the reign of King John. I think she captures my vision of John, as well as enhancing my love of Welsh history. I've got about 10 pages left in Christian Meier's biography: "Caesar". After that i'm gonna need to decide what I want to read next. Either: Rome And Her Enemies, by Jane Penrose or American Caesar: Douglas MacArthur 1880-1964, by William Manchester Such tough decisions!
  13. Haven't read this one, but i've read a couple of Goldsworthy's books(In The Name Of Rome, Caesar: Life Of A Colossus and Cannae: Hannibal's Greatest Victory), and I have nothing but great things to say about all of them. I'll have to keep an eye out for this book.
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    Favorite Episode or Scene in HBO's Rome

    2 of my favorite clips went something like this: Octavian: I thought you would have learned a little humility at Mutina, but I see now that you're still the same crude, arrogant lech you always were Antony: That's right, still the same. And STILL fucking your mother! Also: Vorenus: Ugh...I can't go back there...I need a drink. Pullo: You? Drink? Vorenus: I, drink, what of it!?!? Pullo: Hmmm, i'll not argue...
  15. S.P.Q.R.

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    Ilalwim Dolrciff Jkneirbe Male This should be interesting to see!
  16. S.P.Q.R.

    MMA thread

    Well, we now have another big time MMA fan on this site!
  17. I just registered on this forum, and thought I should introduce myself. I'm Will, i'm 24 years old, and i'm absolutely fascinated with Roman History. My main period of interest in Roman times is the era of the Late Republic/Early Empire. I've read through a handful of threads on here though, and by the looks of things, i'm clearly going to be out of my league in many of these discussions, so i'm probably going to end up doing a lot more lurking/reading and question asking, then actually getting into in depth, detailed discussions! I'm only going to be around for about 2 weeks, then i'll be taking an extended vacation from this place(I'm off to Basic Training from April 12th-July 17th), but i'll no doubt be returning soon after i'm done, because i'd like to soak up all the knowledge I can about this fascinating period in history, and this seems like as good a place as any to do that!