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  1. Q Valerius Scerio

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    What if you already have your Roman name?
  2. Q Valerius Scerio

    abyssus bonus populus

  3. Q Valerius Scerio

    'Superman' in Latin?

    Supervir would be the better choice rather than Superhomo - for both obvious and historical reasons.
  4. Q Valerius Scerio

    Most Novel

    Except Bigus Digus isn't legitimate.
  5. Q Valerius Scerio

    Is Your Name Popular?

    Same with me.
  6. Q Valerius Scerio

    Asian Religions In Rome?

    I can't remember where I read it, but someone tried to link Philo's Therapuetai with Buddhists, although I think it has been thoroughly debunked.
  7. Q Valerius Scerio

    New Mod?

    "I told you I'd shoot, but you didn't believe me! Why didn't you believe me!?"
  8. Q Valerius Scerio

    New Mod?

    Space Madness is definitely my favorite, but Rubber Nipple Salesmen comes in next. "Did my wife send you? Are you from the FBI? OK, so I made a mistake! Maybe I should make another mistake...maybe two more." And then of course, from the walrus: "Caaallll the poliiiice".
  9. Q Valerius Scerio

    A Look Into The Tenth Dimension.

    A guess? Not quite. It's not merely a guess, but a carefully formulated theory to encompasses known facts supporting a series of tested hypotheses. It's no mere guess, and to lay it as such is a great dishonor to all scientists and anything technological you may own. Computers work because of scientists and physics. You can fly to China in less than a day because of scientists and physics. This stuff works because people took the time to work it out, not because someone "guessed" correctly. More technology given to us by "advanced physics" 1. Quantum Computing 2. International Space Station 3. Synchrotron Particle Accelerators Let me guess - all this was just "guessed" up, right?
  10. Q Valerius Scerio

    English-Latin Translations, Part II

    Ad victoriam is right, but is not correct. Praeter usually means "except" and beyond comes from that meaning - not very Rome like. "Ad victoriam et ultra" (or ultraque) are both grammatically correct.
  11. Q Valerius Scerio

    Augustus And Bush

    In fact, much of Washington's intelligence later came out and said the White House got the facts wrong. Valerie Plume ring a bell? The only sincere people were the ones duped by the President.
  12. Q Valerius Scerio

    Augustus And Bush

    For that, we should have taken out Syria, Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, and other countries who have since succumbed. All evidence points to Saddam ridding his country of weapons of mass destruction, and yet we still bomb his country to smithereens (in the process taking out more civilians than Palestinian bombers have done in the past half century).
  13. Q Valerius Scerio

    Why Do You Like Rome?

    It's the best attested period of the ancient world, thus we can get far more detail out of the Romans than any other ancient culture in the world.
  14. Q Valerius Scerio

    Augustus And Bush

    What's your point? Bush wasn't the only person who would have attacked. Actually, he made it a lot worse. Iraq hated terrorists; Saddam stamped down on them hard. But Bush made the world just a little more dangerous. Moreover, the Pax Romana was internal fighting - a civil war - yet foreign wars continued. No parallel.
  15. Q Valerius Scerio

    Augustus And Bush

    Er, did you actually read what I quoted above? I quoted the Bible, and you still don't believe me? What, do you doubt God's own hand? The Bible says that Sodom was destroyed because it didn't help the poor - who are you to call God a liar? Who's bragging? And do you have statistics on Republican v. Democrat charity, or are you making this up as you go? I suspect the latter. Jesus was a communist. Untrue. Not all communists were atheists. Those two statements contradict each other. Didn't you learn anything from the Medieval ages? Canada != America. Liberal Americans != Liberal Canadians. I wouldn't think you're that thick... Like Republican spelling? You're wrong biblically on both accounts. The Bible makes it very clear that unborn children are do not have souls and the Bible does not outright condemn homosexuality in any passage. What a caricature! You make it easy.