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    Pontus Vetus, NJ, USA
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    I, Claudius TV series (seen over 20 times),Rome HBO Series, Roman History (Late Republic and Julio-Claudian Dynasty), Baseball, Computers, The Beatles
  1. Marius Romilius

    Where Is Every One From?

    Hi All - I was born in Brooklyn, NY, and like most Brooklynites, have moved to New Jersey. I live in Old Bridge, NJ with my wife and 2 young girls (ages 7 and 5). It's nice to see the diversity in this group! I am really enjoying my time so far. Look forward to spending time here! Marius (Mario)
  2. Marius Romilius

    Scenes from I, Claudius

    And Q. Naevius Sutorius Macro by John Rhys-Davies. And that's 2!
  3. Marius Romilius

    Scenes from I, Claudius

    That's one!
  4. Marius Romilius

    Scenes from I, Claudius

    The name of Claudius' sister is Livilla ("little Livia"). with the outstanding performance of the Irish actress Patricia Quinn (later Lady Stephens). Ahh, yes Patricia Quinn. She was also the sex subject in the Monty Python Movie "The Meaning of Life" where the teacher (John Cleese) demonstrates sexual positions.... Marius
  5. Marius Romilius

    Scenes from I, Claudius

    Salve - Let's keep the Claudius Trivia coming! Here's one for you..... Whose wife has a horn on her nose (Livia compared it to the Rhinoceros being paraded at the Games of Marcellus)? Marius
  6. Marius Romilius

    Scenes from I, Claudius

  7. Marius Romilius

    Newcomer to Roman History - Recommended books?

    Salve - A great little book that gives good insight to daily life in Ancient Rome is, well, "Life in Ancient Rome" by F.R. Cowell. Tacitus' "Annals" and Suetonius' "The Twelve Caesars" are mandatory. The Mammoth Book of EYEWITNESS Ancient Rome has interesting short excerpts of plenty of great writers of the age, as well as letters and documents written by the ancients. Lots of good stuff written by Cicero and Julius Caesar. Enjoy! Marius
  8. Marius Romilius

    All about Caligula

    Hi Rompe - I too am fascinated by "Little Boots". There are plenty of good threads to search here; I have, and the good people of this Forum have discussed him at length. I wanted to name my cat "Incitatus", but my wife wouldnt hear of it. We settled for Elvis. Salve! Marius
  9. Marius Romilius

    Scenes from I, Claudius

    Yes, it is Martina. Take a crack at the others?
  10. Marius Romilius

    Scenes from I, Claudius

    Salve Civii - Here's some little bits to keep us occupied: Name the 2 heads of the Praetorian Guard under Tiberius' reign, and the actor's names. What is the name of the slave who Tiberius asked to throw Thrysyllus off the cliff in Rhodes? What is the name of Augustus' friend who accompanies him to visit Posthumus on the island he was banished to (Pandeteria, or was it Planasia)? What is the woman poisoner's name who Livia got to before Agrippina's people did during Piso's trial? Let's give it a spin! Marius
  11. Marius Romilius

    How many times have you watched Rome?

    How about a double shot every time someone says: "Juno's Cunt!" LOL, Ursus! I also had to stop myself from using the word Cunny in everyday life. I have watched both seasons of Rome 3 times. I love the "All Roads Lead to Rome" feature on the DVD's. Very informative and I felt like I was watching "Pop Up Videos" again. My feeling is the fictionalizations with Pullo, Vorenus, Timon were a bit overdone by midpoint of Season 2, but they were still ok with me overall. The more you watch Rome, the better it gets for me. I never get tired of watching Atia ( Oh, Polly.....sigh) and Antony get it on. Marius
  12. Marius Romilius

    Suetonius vs. Tacitus

    Salve civii- In the ancient battle of the giants, who do you enjoy most? Tacitus or Suetonius?
  13. Marius Romilius

    What's the last book you read?

    I am in the middle of Tacitus' The Annals of Imperial Rome. Third time through it. I love Tacitus!
  14. Marius Romilius

    Roman Names - can anyone help figure mine out?

    Gaius - Thanks so much for your reply. That link to Smiths is really helpful. I'm gonna check more of it out. Look forward to exploring more of this site Thanks again! Marius
  15. Marius Romilius

    Roman Names - can anyone help figure mine out?

    Nephele - Thanks for the warm welcome and for the excellent explanation. Very interesting stuff. I am looking forward to interacting with this community! Thanks Again! Marius