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    One must define "evil". Once that has been done, perhaps communication can begin. If we think of it in terms of barbarism, I can't help thinking of the Mongols killing everything within a city from the humans down to the pets. WWI, WWII..... The end is listless. Sadly.
  2. dale

    Gladiator sequel with Russell Crowe

    Unsure if this is good news or bad.???
  3. We are told the story. We have no proof either way. Personally I don't give it any thought. If anything, the story shows us how little we really know.
  4. They were destroyed May 31,1944 during a battle. Exactly how, or even by whom they were destroyed remains in dispute. I've read histories telling they were destroyed in an air raid, by the German occupiers etc. It seems likely that they were simply destroyed by allied shellfire that fell upon the museum. I suppose we could blame Eris and Mars.
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    Finds from Caesarea

    Thanks for sharing.
  6. Sadly, much was lost during WWII.
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    Ancient Roman Meals

    Many years ago I held a Roman dinner party. I used the ancient recipes that came down to us. Jazzed them a bit myself. I even hired servers who wore Roman dress. Quite a night. :-) It helped that the guests were quite liberal, artists musicians and actors for the most part.
  8. Thanks for this info'.