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Found 5 results

  1. Ridley Scott reportedly wants to make a “Gladiator” sequel starring Russell Crowe. It would follow the successful film which utilized the many cutthroat and sprawling geographic lands of the Roman Empire. The challenge, however, stems from one crucial plot point in the original film from 2000: Crowe’sMaximus Decimus Meridius dies from a knife wound inflicted by the sinister and immature Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix). ...via NY Daily News
  2. Imagine yourself entering the public seats of a Roman arena. Would you expect a days entertainment? Displays of martial courage? Would you become excited and spellbound by the spill of blood? Or stare horrified at the sight of men mauled and mangled by wild animals? All these emotions are attested to in the Roman sources. Today we're alternately appalled and fascinated by the subject, noting parallels with modern attitudes and behaviour, wondering whether the love of violent competition is really so alien to us. Welcome to Gladiators & Beast Hunts, a book by Dr Christopher Epplett. The first impression is largely helped by the books cover, showing mosiac imagery many will be familiar with. Presentation maintains the standards we have come to expect of the publisher and the colour photographs in the centre section are both relevant and illuminating... ...continue to the review of Gladiators & Beasthunts by Christopher Epplett
  3. caldrail


    Recently I 've seen a tin plated bucket found in a saxon grave in Britain, which was Byzantibne in origin, decorated with greek text (telling the lady owner to take care of her purchase), and in particular, a gladiatorial motif, showing a leopard and a gladiator in combat. The fighter is depicted with a sword, a round shield, and is naked. Now ordinarily I would simply class that as an image of a bestiarius and so forth, but the details of this image are a little odd. Is this evidence that some forms of gladiatorial combat continued past the ban of the lat 4th century? Is this how bestarii of the late empire fought? Or is this a picture celebrating a times gone by (which itself would be unsual for the Romans, they normally depcited life as they saw it)? I confess I'm intrigued. Thoughts, anyone?
  4. We all know about gladiators to a greater or lesser degree. Who they were, what they did, and why they did it. However, it occurred to me that we tend to see gladiatorial combat as a phenomenon isolated from Roman history despite the strong inclusion of arena combat in Roman society. I therefore open the floor to our esteemed members and ask - What did gladiators do for Rome? What was the impact of arena combat on Roman society? Was it merely a manifestation of Roman brutaility an d religion, or did it become a feature of Roman sociology that shaped their history in any way? Citizens - Your thoughts?
  5. Hi, I need some concrete evidence of which hand a retiarius used to hold and cast his net with. There is too much conflicting information around. Thanks Frank