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  1. Kanoth

    Roman Empire Map Placement

    And after some searches it seems they're not around much anymore. Time flies.
  2. Kanoth

    Roman Empire Map Placement

    Thanks Guy. It was sincere in that I was just trying to get a rise out of Primus and Viggen. Its been a few years since the RV days and I tend to pop in once in awhile.
  3. Im having a hard time finding a good place to display my Roman Empire map in the house we'll be building this fall. Any suggestions? Im thinking above the crapper.
  4. This really isn't a drinking game so much as a drinking sport in my opinion. Some friends and I created this back in 08-09 after modifying rules of an existing game. We call it BeerBall, and while there are many people who play a game by that name, none hold a candle to this. The game involves 28-32oz goblets, one for each of the 4 players. A regulation ping pong table with net, and a 3 star ping pong ball. The way it differs from beer pong is instead of the objective being to empty your opponets glass, the point is to empty your own teams goblets instead. We felt this makes better sense as the people who are winning, are also having their motor skills compromised by the drinking they're doing. As soon as you throw and hit a goblet, you begin drinking. You do not stop until the other team has retrieved the ball and placed it back on their side of the table declaring "Down" or some form of that. Should the ball land inside a goblet, the player must refill all the way to the top. Each goblet can only be refilled once. The throwing player gets their ball back. If you happen to throw the ball, and it bounces off their goblet back to you, you can grab the bounce-back and throw it as far as you want. They then have to retrieve the thrown ball. We've got the rules in a PDF form on our facebook page (there are a few more details). Along with pictures and videos. to a first person video from last year. If you're interested in the rules, check out American BeerBall Association on Facebook. I do apologize for what looks like a shameless plug. I just enjoy playing it, and it's starting to get warm out so the season is about to begin again. Though we've played in 18" of snow this year. Any other good drinking games out there?
  5. Klingan's name is spelled the way my fiance pronounces Klingon.
  6. Kanoth

    UNRV Game

    I might not be around "here". But I'm still around. Good to see you're still around Viggen. I had completely forgot about this site despite having the wall map hanging by my front door for the last 10 years.
  7. Kanoth

    Online Games

    Roma Victor's public release is today. Keep an eye on it, see what people have to say, then grab a key. If you dont like the way it is now, there's no monthly fee so you can go take a break and come back without having to reup your account.
  8. Kanoth

    What To Bring With You?

    If I'm coming back: 1. Good bottle of young wine hermetically sealed in an airtight container. I'll bury this in a spot that I know I can get to when I go back to present time and I'll have 2000 year old wine to drink or sell to the highest bidder. 2. Digital cammera 3. Boomstick with 8 shells If I'm there to stay 1. Solar power generator. 2. Laptop containing technical schematics for anything and everything from military to domestic use. I'll use this to advance technology by leaps and bounds. 3. Map of natural resources so I can have them mined for gold/tin/whatever. Okay so I dont have the solar generator hanging around my house...yet.
  9. Kanoth

    Your Predictions For Future...

    Indeed, bible codes also say 2012 is the end. I thought it was the 22nd...havent looked into it for awhile so you're probably right.
  10. Kanoth


    Being a PC Tech at a university I come up against spyware daily. 90% of my calls are spyware related. I've used spybot and adaware on my home pc for that last...god I dont know 5+ years maybe. And I have no problems. The key is to use that immunization tool with spybot. Download them, update them, immunize, then reboot in safe mode. Turn off System Restore, and run both programs (alot of the stuff hides in the system restore). For the really stuburn ones (winfixer 2005) you'll need to jump into your registery and clean it out manually.
  11. Kanoth

    Your Predictions For Future...

    End of the world, 2012, need I say more?
  12. UNRV.com is still a resource that the Devs at RedBedlam take advantage of. I am shocked to see how many didnt realize the link between RV and UNRV.com
  13. Kanoth

    Fat Gladiators

    I always go back to a special I saw that featured an excavation of a Gladiator burial ground. They were able to tell some of the wounds, the deathblows, and more importantly, the diet. The Barley gruel was meant to fatten them up, but dont think of them as the overweight people that todays society thinks of. They were extremely strong, and, as alluded to above, the fat allowed cuts, punctures, and blunt blows to have less of an affect on the vital organs.
  14. Kanoth

    Time Team

    I would love to if I lived there. I wonder if RB is going to get involved any. Not only are they doing a dig (Time Team) but museums are going to be opening new shows, its a big Roman Britain awareness thing that going to be happening this month and next.
  15. Man, I want to unearth 5000 Roman coins someday....though not likely here in Southern Indiana. Hopefully they'll find more information about this possible general turned week long emperor. Makes you wonder how many other emperors there were.