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  1. Thank you for the article and reference to The Roman Empire and the Indian Ocean. It is really interesting putting Roman trade into the Indian Ocean context. On a recent visit to Sri Lanka at the museum located below Sigriya I was also surprised and interested to find Roman coins on display with some explanation of the Indian Ocean trade routes and hoards: "Large hoards of copper or bronze Roman coins and contemporary Indo-roman imitations have been found at many places in Lanka with a large hoard being found in 1987 at Sigiriya. The coins are always very worn indicating a wide and constant circulation and the roman coins are usually third century and later in age. These hoards suggest that the roman and indo-roman coinage was probably used as small change long after the minting date of the coins themselves. Occasional gold trade coins from Rome are also found in Taprobane, like a Byzantine Roman solidus of Heraclius and Heraclius Constantine (610-641 AD). " http://researchomnia.blogspot.com/2016/09/roman-commerce-with-ceylon-surrounding.html