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  1. Sirs/Ma'ams, This will be my second question, regarding the cult of god Neptune in the Roman Empire. Did Neptune have a prominent public cult in the Empire? If not, then what gods had popular public cults? If Neptune had a cult, then where were his temples located?
  2. Claradian

    Your Favourite Roman God

    Saturn and Juno.
  3. Sirs/Ma'ams, This is going to be my first question. I have read quite a lot about the cults of Isis, Cybele, Jupiter in his various epithets, etc. But I have never heard of any large temple dedicated to the gods Mercury, Saturn or Vulcan outside Rome, say in the provinces. These gods were important in Greco Roman mythology, but I feel that they didn't have large temples or public cults spread throughout the Empire. Am I right?
  4. Hi I'm new to social media actually, in fact the only reason i joined social media is to learn about ancient history. The twitter account is of my father. I am interested in learning more about ancient Rome, especially ancient roman millitary and religion. Hope this forum will help me. This thread is quite old, so I don't know, well, how alive this forum is. Thanks.