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    History from ancient Greece to the crusades to the Holy Land. Also medieval warfare, politics and castle building. But most of all, Roman history. Various computer games and historical documents. Icehockey, cycling, hanging with friends...
  1. Marcus Julius


    Aah, so it's not written as a single word.... Thank you for the reply P.S Is "Pluck the day" used in similiar fashion as "Seize the day"? Marcus Julius
  2. Marcus Julius


    I ran on the word "Carpediem" recently, and was wondering what does it mean. Does it mean "Seize the day"? Is it even Latin? And if so, what are the exact words for "seize" and "day"? And if not, what is "Seize the day" in latin? Any help would be most appreciated. Marcus Julius
  3. Marcus Julius

    Rome: Total War

    Indeed, RTW is the best strategy game i've ever played. And even better with the Realism mod...
  4. Marcus Julius

    If You Could Be A Roman Emperor,

    Augustus Maxentius Finnicus
  5. Marcus Julius

    Rome's Biggest Military Disaster

    I think the Battle of Adrianople was the biggest military disaster, because it set the stage for the final collapse of the Western Roman Empire in the Fift Century. If this battle would have been won, who knows, perhaps the Western Roman Empire would have lasted longer... Atleast that is my view. Marcus Julius
  6. Marcus Julius

    What Religion Are You?

  7. Marcus Julius

    Your Level Of Education?

    Well... Not sure. I'm a first year business college student, so wich of those should i vote for?
  8. Marcus Julius

    Family History Of The Artorii

    Not so long ago, I was doing an essay of Lucius Artorius Castus. The essay went fine, but the family history of the Artorii is still a mystery to me. Does someone know the descendants and predecessors of Lucius Artorius Castus? Marcus Julius
  9. Well Pertinax, I'm not wery familiar with Eino Luukkanen. But do you mean this book: Fighter over Finland: The Memoirs of a Fighter Pilot. I think it can be found in some book shops and libaries. Marcus Julius
  10. Hello everyone! My name is Markus A. Sj
  11. Marcus Julius

    What Do You Do For A Living?

    I'm a first year business college student. I started few months ago.
  12. Marcus Julius

    Forum User Names

    I was going to put Marcus Artorius as my user name, but from some odd reason I wrote Marcus Julius. Markus is my real name, but I replaced the letter -k whit a -c, because it looks better and also because I don't think the romans used the name Markus.
  13. Marcus Julius

    Wheres Everyone From

    I live in Vantaa, Finland. Born in Helsinki, capital of the Republic of Finland.
  14. What where the differences of the Western and Eastern Roman Empire armies? Did they use the same military tactics and equipment, or where they completly different? And also, did they resemble the armies of the Empire, while it was still intact (or not separated, not sure how I should say that).