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  1. Lynch

    Fa Cup Final

    Gah, I wanted ManU to win simply because I never support London Teams, except Chelsea if I'm drunk enough.
  2. Lynch

    Kingdom Of Heaven

    Yeah that's a DVD that will require a case of beer and a large amount of snackables. Very much looking forward to the DVD to see what I missed out on in theaters, I almost wish they had a showing of the 6 hour version in theaters, it really is an epic film perfect for the big screen.
  3. Lynch


    SF has lost alot of it's power and influence, however in most parts of NI, its the only alternative to the Unionists, which is the shame.
  4. Lynch

    Kingdom Of Heaven

    Saw it, Loved it, I heard the DVD version is going to be 6 hours long. they had to cut the cinema version to 3 hours
  5. Lynch


    Damn shame, Labour is going to disband all the Scottish Regiments and form one large generic Regiment with them... Sad day for Britain. and Gerry Adams has won in my constituency of West Belfast, suprise suprise! I'm really suprised in the result of South Belfast, the SDLP won over the Democratic Unionists! Unfortunately not all of the NI results are in yet, becuase we're SPECIAL, lol.
  6. CAPITALIST PIG! You are 71% Rational, 57% Extroverted, 57% Brutal, and 42% Arrogant. You are the Capitalist Pig! This means that you are less emotional than most, focusing more on logic. You are also more selfish, greedy, and care very little for the well-being of others, hence you probably hold capitalistic political views. You are also an extrovert, like most of the people in the hallmark capitalistic country of America. Despite these traits, you are surprisingly not very arrogant, tending to view yourself as equal to others. Which seems strange given that you are so mean and brutal to others at times. In conclusion, your personality defect is that you are a bit too logical, rather unemotional, way too extroverted, and also very brutal in regards to others. You may even be a bit insecure about yourself, little piggy. So stop being so selfish and calculating and learn to see people as people, man! To put it less negatively: 1. You are more RATIONAL than intuitive. 2. You are more EXTROVERTED than introverted. 3. You are more BRUTAL than gentle. 4. You are more HUMBLE than arrogant. Compatibility: Your exact opposite is the Starving Artist. Other personalities you would probably get along with are the Smartass, the Braggart and the Spiteful Loner. Odd, I hate Americans, test is a bit dodgy.
  7. Lynch

    Messanger Contacts

    dabluedonkey@hotmail.com (MSN)
  8. Lynch

    Kingdom Of Heaven

    I was'nt trying to say that the Islamic world was never aggressive or that they were peaceful cherubs writing poems, I'm just sick that nobody in the western world can stand it when they are shown as smart or civilised. I myself am a Catholic, and proud to be one, but I have alot of Muslim friends, and I have spent time in the Middle east in the UAE, Saudi, Lebanon, and yes, the Holy City itself, Jerusalem! So it angers me when people who don't know anything about Muslim culture spew a bunch of crap that paints them as an unchanged lot who are still out to Jihad everyone back to the stone age. Also, people squabbaling over the deeds of religous men so very long ago are wasting their time, there is no way for us to know exactly what happened, what the people were actually like, or exactly how events took place, none of us were there so why is everybody a expert on the affiars of men who have been dead for centuries? Also I find it funny that Right wing Christians, most of whom are Protestant are defending the actions of a bunch of Catholic Crusaders, I thought they hated our guts
  9. Lynch

    Kingdom Of Heaven

    Bollocks to them, can nobody just sit back and enjoy a film any more? Everythign has to be Political... What the hell. God forbid Christians should be seen in a negative light, and those sand eating stinky Muslims as anything more than the blood thirsty wankers they are . It's unfortunate that people are dumb enough to educate themselves with movies meant for entertainment, so people know this and get all angry over every film that even moderately touches on history semi-seriously. Nobody should expect films to do anything more than entertain, and perhaps spark an interest in the subject matter which movie-goers can then pursue and read about afterwards on thier own. I've read a few articles that report local Christian writers and magazine editors, aswell as Christian community leaders being invited to a private showing of the movie. And afterwards nearly all of them have gone and reported it as being a travesty and a crime against Christianity itself and urging everyone they can get to listen to boycott the film and not go see it. So it's great when movies like 'the Passion' promote their faith, but as soon as a film projects a moderate view, fair to both sides and to likely facts and human nature, they are up in arms and shitting bricks... What is wrong with the world? Does every film need to have an agenda, or can we just watch a well written graphically stunning film, with an interesting plot that is not spewing propaganda for 2 hours?
  10. Lynch

    People Have Been Growing

    Is it fair to assume then, that Germanic and Celtic Men ate more meat, and protein?
  11. Lynch

    People Have Been Growing

    People were small even in Napoleonic times, I think the average height was around 5'2 for men. I've been to lots of museums in my travels one in France had a bunch of Napoleonic stuff, and this uniform of a French Chasseur was so tiny, it looked like it belonged on a 12 year old.
  12. Lynch

    Favorite Historical Film

    I myself love the 'Sharpe' series and books. As for actors, Liam Neeson is the best actor ever! Movies: Charge of the Light Brigade Rob Roy War and Peace (The Russian one, not the dodgey Hollywood version) A Bridge Too Far Das Boot Bloody Sunday
  13. Lynch

    Kingdom Of Heaven

    Well I dont have any special sources, I just watched the trailer, and read about it on the official website. Perhaps the film does span into the 3rd crusade, but that would only be after Orlando bloom and company get kicked out of Jerusalem. So maybe it does follow the retreat from Jerusalem, maybe Orlando survives and fights later at Acre under Richard or Philip. Who knows? But I see the film ending will the Fall of Jerusalem, unless of course they are going against history, which is totally plausible.
  14. Lynch

    Kingdom Of Heaven

    It could not be the third crusade, as in the film the Christians hold Jerusalem, and Richard I never set foot inside the city, he never even seriously attempted to capture it. Also, in the film the King of Jerusalem is Baldwin IV, who died in 1185 before the third Crusade started in 1189. So, unless the film is just loosely historical (very possible) The happenings in the story take place between the 2nd and 3rd Crusade onward to the death of Baldwin, and the Fall of Jerusalem to Saladin, which in turn sprarked the 3rd Crusade, outrage over the occupation of Jerusalem, and the capture of the True cross etc. Richard failed to capture Jerusalem, and retake the True cross from Saladin, all Richard managed to due was secure Jaffa and Acre and Arsuf. Richard may have been a brilliant warrior, but he was by no means successful in his objectives, he even tried to marry his sister to Saladin's brother to secure peace, he even knighted Saladin's Nephew! Richard could have done alot more, had he not been so cautious and terrified at the prospect of attacking Jerusalem. As he mucked around advancing and retreating twice, he wasted his men's energy, and made them loose faith in his abilities. Either way, Historical or not, it looks like a good movie I plan to drop my $12.50 CAD to see it. I never expect to see historically accurate films, thats not what they are there for, for that we have books and documentaries!
  15. Lynch

    Places To Visit

    Toronto Sucks, Montreal is much nicer. I've already been to most of the places I want to go, all that is left is Portugal, Malta, and Greece.
  16. Lynch

    Big Day For English Football Tomorrow

    LOL I hate Man U almost as much as I hate the Rangers, Up Celtic and Liverpool! What's the difference between a Man U supporter and a North American Plug? They're both useless in Europe.
  17. Lynch

    Wheres Everyone From

    Born in Galway, Ireland raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland and currently residing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  18. Lynch

    Map Of Roman And Celtic Lands

    Very well done site, Map was very cool!
  19. Lynch

    Where Would You Like To Live?

    This should answer all your questions Zeke Irish Department of Foreign Affairs Oasis - Moving to Ireland Now onto the second part of your post, whats good and whats bad. In a nutshell, jobs can be hard to come by in some counties. I myself lived in Armagh, which is in Northern Ireland (I have Irish and British Citizenship) Ended up moving to Canada in 1998 after I was injured in the Omagh Bombing. So that's a downside if you choose to live anywhere near Ulster, not so much anymore, just around marching season, and especially easter. However if you do choose to live in Ulster, I recommend Belfast, it's pretty cheap as far as flats go and there are plenty of jobs. I also lived all over the Republic, Galway, Limerick, Cork, Donegal. One place you want to avoid is Tipperary, never for any reason go to Tipperary, EVER! Now onto whats good about living in Ireland, hard to describe I guess, it's just completely different than North America, more substance everywhere you go, more interesting places and people. Whatever it is about it, it's hard to leave when I go back for visits every year, It's the most beautiful place on earth, everything about it makes me feel good. I would recommend taking a trip there before deciding to move, make some friends if possible, there are alot of jobs if you are qualified, especially in the hotel/resteraunt/pub business. Booming market right now for that kind of stuff. After I graduate from the Canadian Military College I'll be moving back, and seeking out a career in either the Irish Defence Force or the Garda.
  20. Lynch

    Where Would You Like To Live?

    Simple, I would move back to Ireland! I've been away from home for 6 years now, and I'm still bloody homesick!
  21. Lynch

    Rome Total War

    This is possibly the best game I have ever played! It has a few minor glitches yet to be worked out, the biggest being Mulitplayer not working for many people, but that's gamespy's fault. Besides that it's very easy to get into this game and lose yourself for a few hours.
  22. Lynch

    Rome Total War

    I have seen both of the episodes so far, Cannae (Hannibal) and Guagemela (Alexander). If you are not able to view Decisive Battles on TV (as I am not) You can download the full episodes from the Total War Center. http://www.totalwarcenter.com/ On a side note I am also looking forward to this game! I have started a clan for it infact Please swing by and visit our forums even if you are not interested in joining Link: Celtic Total War PS: my name in the Total War Community is Fian
  23. Lynch

    Who says we can't learn from the past?

    We as a people are like cheese, eventually even after you cut the mold off, it's back!
  24. lol Thanks Viggen, not to worry I had completely forgotten about it! and come to my own conclusions as to what the blue pip was.
  25. Lynch

    My reenactment

    Nice Threads man!