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    hunting, the outdoors, history, and fun things!
  1. kama

    A History Of The World

    i saw it and sorry to say but i thought it was dumb.
  2. kama

    My reenactment

    Hello all. Some of you might remember me. Special thanks to Viggen. Something im proud of, you can see those 2 red stripes on my shoulder boards from when i last updated it. I got promoted to junior sergeant and command a squad of 5. well. i've been busy lately with moving and all but i will try to come here from time to time. (to those that know me) any questions?
  3. kama

    Code Of Conduct For Re-enactors

    roman re-enacting isnt well organized yet. american civil war re-enacting has a huge organization call the ANV for confederate re-enactors on the east coast. they set regulations and solve problems that occur. i estimate less than 1,000 roman re-enactors in the USA but with the civil war, there are easily 150,000+. once rome becomes more popular, they will make a "union"
  4. kama


    a kid i knew was in a legion and he lived near philadelphia. www.9thsovietguards.com in case your interested in ww2 scanderbeg, we're based out of jersey and long island.
  5. kama


    re enacting american civil war and soviet ww2. hunting and fishing. trying to find pictures of uniforms and equipment from both the wars i portray.
  6. cant march 55 miles in 1 day. if you started at 6 am and ended at 6 pm, thats 12 hours and thats moving at 4.5 miles per hour whereas marching 25 miles in that same period is 2.1 miles per hour. more than double their speed. with the primitive shoes, roads and living off marching rations. physically impossible. less to carry means less perpared. besides, what would you give up? your armor? food? clothing/accessories? all nesecities. a 6 to 8 hour march is rather short. in the middle of summer, the sun rises at around 7 or so and sets close to 9 pm. if leaving at 6:30 and ending 6 hours later is 12:30 which leaves 9 hours. probably more of an 8-10 hour march.
  7. kama


    lol well, ill be leaving for a few days because of a ww2 reenactment in gettysburg (note the irony)
  8. kama


    well. i used to come here then stopped for some reason :s http://www.unrv.com/forum/index.php?act=ST&f=7&t=266& i do civil war and i started soviet ww2 back in october 2004. if anybody is interested, post and ill reply. im gonna start coming here again. BTW, hello to all those who remember me.
  9. kama


    theres actually a clip that i saw where a stage hand has on period clothes except that hes wearing a tight pair of blue jeans.
  10. kama

    My reenactment

    we put all our heavy guns to guard the bridge and all the bolt actions in the corn field across the way. we ambushed a german group and executed them andthen came from behind the germans to kill them all. a picture of the 11th panzers german squad of troops and a dead guy alongside the house. thats me to the left and somebody threw a smoke bomb. soldier aiming from around a chimney thats me again peeking out to see if anybody was there. i have my gun low becuase if i stick it out first then somebody could grab it our unit on the porch of the house we stayed at for this event. im the top left 2 dead guys and a smoke bomb in the background. Edit: added actual pictures to post - Moon
  11. kama

    My reenactment

    i've got more pictures but of a different reenactment. i'd like to put them up here. and these ones are the real jpg, not 200kb jpg's. see if you guys can guess whats going on.
  12. kama

    My reenactment

    we're based in new jersey and its surrounding areas. i.e. eastern pennsylvania, northern delaware, southern new york and long island. we mostly did confederate this year but next season we're doing about 4 events as confederate, 3 as yankee and 2 as the 15th arkansas
  13. kama


    you do the civil war too spurius? check out my reenactment in the after hours lounge. i do the civil war too. Im in the 23rd north carolina/15th arkansas and rarely the 6th new jersey.
  14. kama


    i think the centurion is using a stick as a sword to drill the men. For our regiment, out first sergeant uses a stick with a bunch of carvings that he put in it. he uses that instead of a gun sometimes because a gun is too cumbersome and carrying a stick into battle looks so cool. The centurion is probably using it for fun, so his arm dont get tired holding up a sword, or because he doesnt want to take an eye out.
  15. kama

    Rome Total War

    game is too easy on hard. very hard offers a pretty good challenge but i would have liked to see the battles balanced more.