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    I thought it wasn't accurate but all the same, thanks for clearing that up.
  2. Vespasion


    I am currently in the process of watching the television series Rome on BBC2; in the last episode it showed Octavian sleeping with his sister. As I tend to prefer to research the army, i was wondering if anyone could confirm this claim. Thanks
  3. Really? I am no huge fan of Livy myself, but which bits of his punic wars accounts do you find unreliable? As for Polybius he is not exactly reliable himself. His grasp of Roman politics is shaky beyond belief for a man who spent so long at the centre of power. Good general and so his battle stuff is usually pretty bang on, but even some of the figures are a little contentious. Cheers Sullafelix I'll edit this post as i must do research as the points i found often contradicted each other. Will post my reply on a later date Thanks
  4. I beleive it was an official title; just like consul and so on however i'm unsure so i wouldn't take it as certain. Hopefly this will have answered your question.
  5. Vespasion

    Electricity, Rome's Near Future!

    Humans naturally invent useless things for example the water pistol but if someone looked upon it they may beleive it was effective against fighting fires. Art is useless; no offence; but it has no practical purpose other then a creative outlet. Thanks
  6. Vespasion

    The Gallic Wars

    When trying to work out the costs of the Galic wars; we must consider that Caesar raided Gaulish settlements for food,brought back slaves and all the plunder of war. All of these things were valuable in Rome and tradeable however to adress the issue of the Germanic invasions; in my oppinon the romans did not use the borders to there full advantage for example the goths were allowed to pass through the borders. Big mistake. The romans did not seem to understand that letting 100's of 1000's of people through the boders would not have a knock on effect. By the way i don't know if this is just speculation but when the WRE fell and Rome was besieged, i've read that the barbarian general left 300 of his best soldiers to be given to the romans as slaves..................you probably know what happened next; they went and opened up the city walls and the army came flooding in. I'm unsure if this is true but if so the Romans obviously hadn't learnt a lesson from Troy. Never accept gifts from your enemy. Thanks
  7. Vespasion

    Did Caesar Ultimately

    As your reffered to me in your reply; i feel it is compulsory that i reply: I didn't open this topic trying to discredit Caesar and i apologise if thats the view you received yet everyone has an oppinion and as i partly blamed Caesar naturally my argument would tend more to the negative side however i expected to be disputed but please do not try to discredit me by saying that when i start this thread it was one sided. Thanks
  8. Vespasion

    Brutality Of The Roman Army

    As to refer to the hardcore christians, if they beleived the Romans were brutal they should research their history. The christians were one of the most brutal religous sects; anyone who proved any religous beliefs wrong were murdered in secret. Christianity cann't claim to be a peaceful religion when their history has been filled with violence. The Crusades for example; christianity encouraged knights to go off and kill. Thanks
  9. I've found livy's acounts to be somewhat misleading; so i try to avoid reallying on him. However everyone has there own source which they rely on. Personally when referring to these accounts, i find Polybius to be much less speculated and based more on solid facts.
  10. Vespasion

    Did Caesar Ultimately

    Does that mean that you beleive the seperation in classes is to balme for the fall of the republic or the fall of the empire? By the way thanks for that information; i've never heard anyone argue that it was the split in classes that caused the fall of the republic. Anyway your reasons seem to be well researched and your figures precise and your oppinion well argued. Thanks.
  11. Vespasion

    Did Caesar Ultimately

    As it has been said before, one man having complete power is a recipe for diasaster and far greater corruption, the Romans realised this and tried to avoid it at all costs. They did the right thing in my oppinion, despite the Republics problems it gradually would have been forced to adapt to a more intellectual process when giving out field commands. For example do you beleive an Emperor of Rome such as Nero would have been able to defeat Hannibal after the amount of civil wars which had occured. The republic had one redeeming feature almost unlimitless man-power which the republic sometimes used wisely and sometimes did not.
  12. Vespasion

    Did Caesar Ultimately

    (I'm not buying this, Caesar caued the downfall of the republic, not the empire. While we're making a radical claims here's mine: George Washington started the decline of the U.S - In 200 years the United States is going to collapse into anarchy and be conquered by Muslims)- Hannibal Barca Come to Britain we've already been taken over by the muslims:lol: But to be serious Caesar did not need to destroy the senate he could of just established that his crimes where commited on behalf of the empire or he could of invaded and captured Rome but after being granted immunity handed the city over to the republic as Sulla had. The republic was not completly failing at the time it simply needed modernisation and a change of senators not a dictator! Plus as M.P.C said Caesar commited crimes against the republic of Rome and deserved punishment despite what conquests he had acheived. He was still breaking the law! The modern equivilant is stealing a car to get a man having a heart attack to hospital; valiant yet illegal, in the eyes of the law, laws can't be broken despite any circumstances unless the law permits cahnges.
  13. Vespasion

    Worst General Or Politician In Roman History

    If Hannibal had succeded in taking Rome yes history would have been very different however realisticly Hannibal taking Rome would have been a miracle; My reason for this that every citizen in Rome would fight to the death even though Hannibal would have had battle hardened veterans this is nothing if you compare it to the population of Rome.
  14. Vespasion

    The Largest Empires In History

    I beleive there are 35,000 soldiers in the army 30,000 in the RAF and 35,000 soldiers in the navy
  15. Vespasion

    Did Caesar Ultimately

    I've been searching through the topics for a while and haven't seen a topic discussing this. In my oppinion Gaius Julius Caesar ultimatly signed the Empires death warrant. My reason for this is that: Towards the end of the empire, the emperors became increasingly scared of being overthrown by a popular general and often due to this fear had the most promising generals killed.Therefore if Caesar hadn't overthrown the republic, the generals would not have been hunted down as traitors but have been given consulships in which to expand the empire and bring Roman rule to barbarian nations; also as a republic, in my oppinion Rome would have been in a better position to deal with invading hordes. Thanks.