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Angelina Jolie: Latin Student

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Some people will find any excuse to show pictures of attractive members of the opposite sex. I, however, post this for information purposes only.


Here's Angelina Jolie's attempt at Latin:




'Quod me nutrit me destruit' in English is 'What nourishes me destroys me.'


I'm not sure whether she is referring to love, food, relationships, etc


Christopher Marlowe (English dramatist 1564-1593) also had this bit of Latin on his portrait (upper left corner). Me thinks he probably understood Latin better than Lady Angelina.





guy also known as gaius

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informative pictures one can lear from are always appreciated :naughty:


..on a side note; what on earth does that quote mean?

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She's a Hollywood actress, Viggen, just nod and say "wow". Of curse it might refer to the demands of success as a Hollywood actress, such as pushed many a celebrity to an early death, or simply something that sounded deep and meaningful at the tattoo shop.

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