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Legacy of Palmyra Virtual Exhibit by Getty Institute

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The Getty Institute has an interesting virtual exhibit on the legacy of Palmyra:




Palmyrene is an Aramaic language, related to Hebrew and Nabataean, that was actively in use from the 1st century BCE to the decline of the city-state in the later 3rd century. The disappearance of the language in the late 3rd century coincided with Emperor Aurelian's conquest of the city in 273 CE, when it was garrisoned by Roman troops, suggesting that the language was willfully suppressed by the empire. Examples of mid-2nd- to early 3rd-century Palmyrene inscriptions found in such distant places as the trade route along the Euphrates in Mesopotamia and South Shields on the River Tyne in Roman Britain show the high regard for the city and the independent character of its people.


Although somewhat challenging to navigate, the exhibit does have some interesting information.



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