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Pagan Complacency: Fiddling while Rome converts

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(Thanks for Lapham's Quarterly for brining this article to my attention):



The final pagan generation’s shortsightedness still stands out. They acquiesced to the rule of Christian emperors pursuing the elimination of paganism in exchange for a few decades of government salaries and fancy titles. These men could have fought against a change they fundamentally disagreed with. They got rich instead. 



From a previous thread:


This reminds me of the quote by Alan Cameron in his book The Last Pagans of Rome:


T]he main focus of much modern scholarship has been on
[the last Pagans'] supposedly stubborn resistance to Christianity. Rather
surprisingly, they have been transformed from the arrogant, philistine
land-grabbers most of them were into fearless champions of senatorial
privilege, literature lovers, and aficionados of classical (especially Greek)
culture as well as the traditional cults. The dismantling of this romantic myth
is one of the main goals of this book."


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