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Coliseums Outside of Italy To Visit

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As it appears we are close to a vaccine, it's think about nice potential vacation sites:




The ancient Romans constructed coliseums across their empire. Here are ten of the most interesting extant Roman coliseums outside of Italy.


Although there might not be ten intact coliseums outside of Rome to visit, I am interested in visiting some of these sites, especially the coliseum in Pula, Croatia. 

This image may contain Landscape Outdoors Nature Scenery Aerial View Road Urban City Town Building and Metropolis


if I were to visit Croatia, I would certainly want to visit Diocletian's Palace is Split, Croatia, about 320 miles ( 520 Km) away.


Split Diocletian Palace Tour with Guide, Optional Trogir Trip 2020


guy also known as gaius

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This is the first I've read about these other coliseums. The one in France is amazing.

I hope you get to travel to Croatia, hope we all get to travel - anywhere - in the not too distance future. 

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Ermm.... There is only one Coliseum. The other arenas are simply amphitheatres no matter how grand. The name Coliseum is not Roman by the way. They called it the Flavian Amphitheatre.

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