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Pink Beach in Italy: No Visitors Allowed

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The famous pink beaches in Budelli, Italy (in Northern Sardinia) are beautiful ... but no one can visit. It's sole resident now might be evicted.






Tourists are only allowed in the daytime and have a restricted access and can’t visit the pink beach.


There is only one person living on the island, the elderly Mauro Morandi. He is a modern Robinson Crusoe.  It looks like he's being asked soon to leave, however. (See video below)



The sole occupant of the island, Mauro Morandi, who has lived there since 1989, is now to be evicted by the end of 2020. To explain why he could not be allowed to live on the island indefinitely, the park's president said in 2016: "[He] symbolizes a man enchanted by the elements who decides to devote his life to contemplation and custody ... No one ignores his role in representing the historical memory of the place … But it's hard to find a contractual arrangement for a person in his position


It seems the real man of this beauty is the septuagenarian man Mauro Morandi who has been living on this island for the last 28 years. He was appointed as the caretaker of the island at that time by the company. Although he also lives in a constant fear that he would be asked to leave the island by the Italian authorities, he has decided he is not going anywhere, come whatever may.







guy also known as gaius

(i want to thank Lapham's Quarterly for bringing this island to my attention in an unrelated article.)





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