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Late Roman villa of Caddeddi

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This is another interesting site to visit. It is not well known and is found in the more remote parts of Sicily. The mosaics look fascinating:


The late Roman villa of Caddeddi , built c.AD 320/330, is tucked away in the south-east corner of the island in the province of Syracuse, 5km south of the wonderful baroque town of Noto.  It was constructed in the 4th century and boasts fine mosaics. The site is little known, however, and barely gets any visitors at all.


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The Caddeddi villa in rural Sicily is striking for the preservation of several spectacular mosaics, laid in the second half of the 4th century AD. This detail, from room 9, shows a panel featuring a satyr and maenad, companions of the wine-god Bacchus, whose bust featured in the centre of the floor. [Image: R J A Wilson]


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Summary: If I get as far south as Sicily, I would want to place this site on my "must see" list ... especially if I wanted to escape the crowds.


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