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With the advice and consent of the Senate (that is to say the administration and senior members), the Praetor issues the following edict:


De ea re ita censuerant


Debates about the comparative strengths of military units and individuals (e.g., this military unit versus that military unit, or this general versus that general) will be tolerated with one caveat - it has to be related somehow to the Roman Empire. The Legion versus the Hellenistic phalanx is acceptable. The Legion versus a Celtic raiding party or a Germanic war band is acceptable. The early Republican legion versus the late Byzantine army is acceptable.


What is not acceptable is something outside the scope of Roman history. Chinese armies and Mongol hordes do not concern us. Medieval armies a la Charlemagne or William the Conqueror do not concern us. Natives from Oceania, the Americas, and sub-Saharan Africa do not concern us. Elves and Orcs and Hobbits do not concern us. The Legions did not fight these forces, and therefor do not concern us as Romanophiles.


Threads started along these lines will be sent to the Underworld. Those who continually violate the prohibition can be censured if necessary.


We hope you find this a reasonable compromise. We do not like impeding the ethusiasm of our citizens, but we felt it necessary to discourage some of the more off-topic discussions on this forum.


Any questions regarding this can be directed to the forum moderators.



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In the first century BC Iran was controlled by the Arsacid dynasty.  The Arsacids were Parthians, originally from northern Iran.  "Persia" usually means southern Iran, from which the Achaemenid and Sassanian dynasties arose.

There is not a lot of data on the Parthians other than coins and references in surviving Greek and Latin literature.  Even the Arsacid "king list" is not totally clear, but probably included Mithridates II ~123-88BC, Artabanus II or Orodes ~80, and Sinatruces ~77-70.  Mithridates II sent an envoy to Sulla requesting friendship and alliance in 92BC, and in 72BC Sinatruces refused a request for help from Mithridates of Pontus.

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