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Favonius Cornelius

Family Name Question

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Very true about not being an ideal text. Did you get to choose? Also, I'm interested in the advanced books you use. For example, my Junior year after finishing Ecce Romani III (the purple book), we did the some of the Aeneid and Metamorphoses. My AP Latin year we did Horace and Catullus. Who do you do? Which books, exactly?


Also, perhaps the biggest question I have - where can I find some decent "student" books for Classical authors, preferably with a well-done apparatus criticus? I'd very much appreciate any information you can offer.

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After Ecce III, we spend a semester on Ovid and then spend two semesters on Virgil. We follow the AP cirriculum for both of those authors. Pretty standard really.


As for readers, I really like my Catullus reader: Writing Passion by Ronnie Ancona. Read this along with Catullus & His World by T.P. Wiseman. I also have a really well written Ovid Reader that I use as a supplement for my class called Love and Transformation by Richard LaFleur.


I am much more interested in elegiac poetry than anything else, so please forgive me for not directing you to more traditional texts.


It is good to see another Memphian on the board.

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But, exactly where does the "House of..." come from in the first place?


A Roman would have identified himself in a social and religious sense with his clan, gens. Caesar was part of the gens Julius, for example. But the political function of the clans was vestigial after the dawn of the Republic, and they were mostly a social and religious club.


To say "House of ..." seems more like English aristocrats than Romans. The Houses of York and Lancaster, etc.


More correctly, it's gens Julia. Gens is a feminine word.

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