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    Share Your Favorite Quote

    Oh men, beautiful and true indeed!
  2. Traianus

    Video clips in Latin via YouTube

    except for the strong "R" they sound exactly as spanish.
  3. Traianus

    Please excuse my native land

    Paraphrasing Maty, grammar and vocabulary have always been advanced torture 101 for any regular kid at any era and any place. irrespectively of the language; believe me. Strongly agree on this
  4. Traianus

    Global Warming

    Does she also question the human role in the dead of the bear behind her?? (to give an example of the many I've found) This woman and her "boss" are the quintessence of stupidity.
  5. Traianus

    Translation into English

    As far as I know, "silla" is no Latin word. We know you know Latin but, did you really read what I wrote?? the Silla was an anecdotic note which I used to talk about the existing word in Latin "Sella" which then I used to explain the confusion it could bring to ancient latin speakers.... My post was focused on Sella, not Silla. Men, I don't think it was that hard to understand...
  6. Traianus

    Translation into English

    I was talking of latin, not spanish nor italian. About the spanish "silla" meaning chair was an anecdotic note I know by far that in Italian the call him Silla, an in Spanish Sila, which is read the same btw.
  7. Traianus

    Translation into English

    Silla means "chair" in Spanish, from latin sella, ae. And as "e" in some cases was pronounced like "i", your Silla (Sulla) would be confused for Silla (Sella), which for the analphabet plebe (and others) should be, at least, hilarious.
  8. Traianus

    What's the last book you read?

    totally off-line : World without end (Ken Follet)
  9. Traianus

    Euro 2008

  10. Traianus

    Translation into English

    Well, in Spanish that hapens too. Marcus Antonius is Marco Antonio, Cicero is Cicer
  11. Traianus

    Euro 2008

  12. Traianus

    Insignia Naturae Ratio Illustrat

    I think she was being sarcastic ahms. Got it!
  13. Traianus

    Insignia Naturae Ratio Illustrat

    I thought it was its universal meaning, at least for catholics. I've been told all my life that INRI means that: "Jesus of Nazaret, King of Jews"
  14. Traianus

    Euro 2008

    CIAO ITALIAAAA!!!!! Honestly and leaving apart patriotism, Italy played nothing, Justice was done and Spain won. Italy is usually a lucky team that owes much of its victories to their "not very fair" play plus good luck. It seems the mafia procedures are written in the genes of italians. Now Russia...this is becoming more and more difficult
  15. Traianus

    Insignia Naturae Ratio Illustrat

    haha, indeed
  16. Traianus

    My trip to Pompeii

    I'm interested in your opinion on that, too. Also, Klingan, did you get to Ostia in your travels? -- Nephele I did back in April when I visited Rome. It really worths it.
  17. Traianus

    Euro 2008

    mmm, Spain always starts this kind of competitions (euros, worlds) as favourite...but then we never pass from quarters of final (in english?)ahahahah. Let's see this year, is going to be an interrogant how the team is going to react without the presence of its capitain during the past years, Ra
  18. Traianus

    Vatican launches website in Latin

    Everything that helps Latin to be still alive among us, is good, who the hell matters if the church was/is corrupt and one of the most hypocrital organizations in the world( sorry if someone feels hurt by this opinion but is my conclusion of the overall history of the church)?this should not be discussed here. Btw, church may have born and may have its central power here, but is much more spread in your continent (both north and south amercia) I think. We have suffered from it during many centuries, specially in the incomprehensible evolutive deterioration that took place in the Middle Ages.
  19. at least is veridical that celts were here in galicia. I fact, I live 15 minutes away from a "castro" the tipical celt ruin, although it is romanized, and galicia is famous for having many important celtic heritage and remains. Many people here claim and are proud of our celtic past....I don't defend that, If I had some roots, I'll prefer to say that they're romans or something ahahah, but....
  20. Traianus

    Happy Birthday Rome

    That is just what I thought because I've just arrived from Rome this thursday after a week there with some friends.........:( I was so sad when I saw it in the news. It was the second time I went to Rome and I even fell more in love with that city, how can a city be so charming?? I can't describe...I want definitely to live there. The first time I haven't entered to the Palatine, but this time I was and when I visited the "Casa de Augusto" I was shocked, is impressively beautiful you can see the Circo Maximo and the thermes of Caracalla from it and really makes you to feel like an emperor. (sidenote: I went in the afternoon almost in the sunset and the spectacle is undescriptable)
  21. Traianus

    Dicta Scipionis

    Indeed and yes, all four became consuls. It is interesting to note that the simile " to be stupid like a donkey" is used in current Italian, same for the metaphor "to be a donkey" (to be very stupid). I'm not sure whether this expression is common in English too. haha, in spanish too to say "Eres un burro"(you're a donkey) is like to say "you're stupid". Is curious to know how we have the same concepts and metaphoras even 2000 years after.
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    Painted portraits

    I have never seen pictures like these. Thanks for sharing. What is written on the portrait? I can only read "kerami" by deduction I think it refers to pottery( ?