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  1. Crispina

    BBC-Scotland: Rome's Final Frontier

    Enjoyed this very much. Thanks for posting it here.
  2. Crispina

    Mick Aston (Time Team) RIP

    I've watched some of the programs online in the past and enjoyed his enthusiasm very much.
  3. Crispina

    Lindsey Davis

    So far I'm really enjoying the book. Have to stop once in awhile and think to remember certain characters from the Falco series. Comes back quickly though. And yes, that Davis humor is there, i.e - quote: "My senatorial grandmama was a wonderful woman, only surpassed by her plebeian counterpart........If I mentioned her at the stall where she used to buy roots for her broth cualdron, the greengrocer still mimed running for the hills".
  4. Crispina

    Lindsey Davis

    Received my copy of Lindsey Davis's new book, "The Ides of April", A Flavia Albia Mystery, in the mail yesterday. I understand that Ghost of Clayton has been listening to the audio book version already, since it came out early in Britain. So what do you think so far Ghost? I'm anxious to begin reading the book today, as it's raining and that means no garden work.
  5. Crispina

    Women, Tutors, and the Pater

  6. This is the first I've heard of this exhibit. I want to go, but unfortunately no one to go with me and help me from getting lost.
  7. Crispina

    Roman names

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Like in lives in Pa? or she is visting the museum with the mosiac in Phildelphia? Thanks.
  8. IPS Community? Am I lost, in the wrong place? I don't see any other posts addressing the change. A garden forum comminity I frequent also changed formats as of yesterday and threw everyone in a teezy over there.
  9. Crispina

    Spartacus Question

    A tad OT, but I got a new 46" LCD LED TV Friday, just in time to watch that night's episode of "Spartacus" and let me tell you it was AMAZING. : )
  10. Crispina

    Late Antiquity episodes on:

    Watched the first two episodes last night. Very, very interesting; but loads of information to absorb quickly.
  11. Crispina

    House Decorations - Bathroom Sets ?

    Well I didn't find the seller I wanted on Etsy, but I did a Google and found some at this link: http://www.cafepress.com/+roman+shower-curtains I may have to browse these myself. .
  12. Crispina

    Late Antiquity episodes on:

    I will bookmark and begin watching tonight. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Crispina

    House Decorations - Bathroom Sets ?

    Bryaxsis - I LOVE the first wall painting. If I had the energy I had in my youth I would attempt to copy that onto my bathrom wall. In fact, long time ago I did actually paint a mural on my bathrom wall, a Roman maiden standing with a bowl of fruit behind the toilet, and to her left was a scene of the Grand Canal in Venice. All in beautiful shades of burnt sienna, yellow ochre, blues, ect. My friends admired it so much, and it remained there for many years until I remodeled the room six years ago and painted over it. No photo of it was ever taken which upset my one friend very much. He was hurt that I painted over it. too funny. Metella, it may not be what your are looking for but I found a site on Etsy that sold the most amazing shower curtains. They are expensive but the person photo copied some very interesting and beautiful scenes onto the curtain. I will try to look for the site and post back here. I had one bookmarked for a long time - it had The Three Graces on it I think, but I couldn't justify the cost.
  14. Crispina

    Last Battle of the Celts

    Too bad this is in German. Before this, I watched a 50min. documentary on Leptis Magnus - also in German. Couldn't understand a word but enjoyed it anyway. Leptis Magnus must be a wonderful place to visit.
  15. Crispina

    Spartacus: WotD - Portrayal of Caesar?

    I was so hoping someone would bring this up. I was baffled as well and thought they just added Julius for kicks or it was "some guy" who happened to be named Julius Ceasar. I had heard on a documentary that Julius Ceaser was indeed part of the army that hunted down Spartacus. Thanks for your info, as it makes more sense to me.
  16. Crispina

    Roman authors walk Hadrian's Wall in full military gear

    Oh, I see the link for donations in your first post, sorry.
  17. Crispina

    Roman names

    Nephele? Where are you?
  18. Crispina

    Roman authors walk Hadrian's Wall in full military gear

    Sounds like a stunning adventure, anticipating those stories and photos you will post along the way. How and where are donations sent? I have a huge tin of saved pennies - just kidding. I can always turn them over to the bank for cash.
  19. Crispina

    Ladies of Beautiful Hair

    Enjoyed this very much. Thanks for posting. This probably has been discussed before, but the Vestal Virgins remind me so much of Roman Catholic nuns. Is there a connection or just coincidence? Makes me wonder.
  20. Crispina

    Lindsey Davis

    Me too. Nemesis had a pretty exciting ending did it not? "Falcophile" - I like that.
  21. 2000BC: Here, eat this root 1000AD: That root is heathen! Here, say this prayer. 1865AD: That prayer is superstition! Here, drink this potion. 1935AD: That potion is snake oil! Here, swallow this pill. 1975AD: That pill is ineffective! Here, take this antibiotic. 2000AD: That antibiotic is poison! Here, eat this root.
  22. Crispina

    Richard III

    I bookmarked that site, Ghost, will see if I can watch the programming. Hope so! Nope. Not available for my country.
  23. Crispina

    Richard III

    I bookmarked that site, Ghost, will see if I can watch the programming. Hope so!
  24. Crispina

    Happy New Year!

    I wish the same for you and everyone too. Except I will turn 60 this year! UGH. But, I have Lindsey Davis's new book to look forward to in 2013.
  25. Crispina

    Merry Christmas!

    I'll try again. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy Saturnalia to everyone.