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  1. But as the only resources I have are the internet, I am having a hard time finding Information on Hindu mythology, whjich is what I want to study. Does anyone know of like, an all in one mythology site? Please and thank you.
  2. Zanatos

    Civilization IV

    No, it isn't just Roman, but a blend of most empires of the world in one game. I was wondering if anyone else played the game. Yes, I know there is another topic in the baths.
  3. Zanatos

    I was lost...

    I'll take the XBOX.
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    What's the last book you read?

    I just read "Ancient Rome on Five Denarii a day." by Matyszak.
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    Sad News

    This doesn't quite apply to our friend, but as it applies to a Roman tomb, I thought it was relevant. Stop for a moment, stranger, and read this breif message. This ugly tomb houses a lovely woman, called Claudia by her parents. She loved her husband wholeheartedly and gave him two sons. One is still on this earth, the other under it. She was a lovely companion but demure. She kept house ad spun wool. That's all. Now be on your way.
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    Gallia 1, Noricum/Pannonia 3

    I don't know how America is doing (doesn't watch sports or really care about professional sport players)
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    I'm making a videogame

    Alright, I have a habit of assuming people can read my mind so I will explain. I am looking for world wonders, and they don't necessarily have to be buildings. I consider major documents wonders (code of Hammurabi, Magna Carta). Major places (not battle fields, remember this iteration of the game is peaceful), or edicts (Bread and Circuses for all). Well, bread and Circuses will more likely go under my laws section than the build able wonders but I think you get the gist of it. Also, actual "Wonders" Such as the Pyramids, Stonehenge, Temple of Artemis, Hanging Gardens, are also appreciated.
  8. Alright, well basically I am making a city building video game, I am developing it right now, but I have no idea what to do for Magistrates. Not like a person being magistrates, like the implementing of Magistrate like position into your city, and lets face it I'm stumped. I am tied between implementing more taxes (making it more accurate with Aedile I believe, I think they did the census and the taxing. The other possible effect I think would be law and order, civic service, or the pride rating. This may be vague, and you might not understand the game. Please email me if you actualy want to learn more or be in a beta (When I get to the programing), or you just want to help with my accuracy of Government effects. Masterarcher91@gmail.com Plus if you email me I can show you the spreadsheet (bloody Google doesn't let me just post the sheet)
  9. Zanatos

    I'm making a videogame

    Oh UNRV I call upon you for help. I wish to know historical objects or things, or events. Such as Hammurabi's Code of Laws, or The Oracle (delphi) or the Great Wall.
  10. I am curious on Roman holidays that are not always entirely religious, or have a second meaning. For example I read Floralia was a holiday for prostitutes. Somehow I doubt it but I find it interesting that they would have them. Are there any other holidays that sponsor a particular profession or a god of a profession?
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    I'm making a videogame

    Psh, I am not really trying for entire accuracy. Have you played Civilization? In the game civilizations last until destroyed which has no actual bearing on in game time and history. Plus for the moment it will not be skinned, at least for my first few drafts, in fact I'm not even sure how I will be doing the graphics or if there will be graphics.
  12. Zanatos

    I'm making a videogame

    No, in fact if it would be compared to anything it would be Civcity: Rome, just turn based. alright, so it is a city building game as the previous statement implied. The point of this game is to amass a certain amount of points in 12 of my categories. These categories would be: Civic Service, Beauty (of the city not the people), Pride, Religion, Entertainment, Infrastructure, Luxury, Law and Order, Health, happiness, Technology, and the amount of money in your treasury. First of all, you have to feed your people, you do that with farms obviously, Rice, Corn and potatoes if your land is suitable. Then the laborers (construction building) would build with materials and the points they have gathered. (God this would be easier to explain with my spread sheet) With other resources that you can farm (farm is a gerneral term I use for resource gathering) You can take them to a factory (refiner, they get a set amount of points per turn per worker to turn raw materials into refined good that sell at a much higher price) Now comes the part in my poorly organized essay like thingie where I describe how you get to unlock these buildings and soon to be discused laws and governments. You buy infrastructure and technology. Thats all there is too it, I decided not to make it insanely complicated and just made it as simple as a transaction of money. Alright, we are getting to laws and stuff now. At the begining of the game you choose whether to be "Industrious" "Financial" or "Organized", they each have their own effects. With infrastructure and technology you can unlock buildings obviously, but you also unlock laws, holidays, and governments. The 4 governments I put in the game are "Monarchy" "Republic" "Theocracy" and "Totalitarian". A Monarchy gives a ponus to law and order and civic service. Republic gives Pride and civic service. A theocrocy gives a bonus to the state religion effect. (more on religious effects later). One of the other things you choose one of, is if you want to be Dutch, Roman, German or Swiss. The dutch give a bonus to trade (Dutch East India Trading Company), The romans give extra points to the construction. The Germans has two effects, you get more money from tavenrs and the foods man has more points. And the Swiss, well they have a super charged bank. I felt it was time for a new paragraph for things. Anyway, once you have a sufficient amount of Infrastructure and technology you can implement things like a Standard Currency, in which taxes are easier to collect so you get a tax increase. Other things are A Standard Legal Code, National Guard (Praetorian), Universal Language, Government sponsored Education and Healthcare, A bureaucracy ( I cannot spell that word for the life of me), allowing slavery or Bread and Circuses. Additionaly, you can implement holidays such as a religious or state holiday, or "Market Day" Where you get extra points on factories and extra trade cash. One of the final things is the subject of religion. Now, I decided reach religion should have a special effect for its temple, its "big" temple and if its your state religion. I have 9 religions in my game each with an effect for the three things you can build for them. The religions are Confucianism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hellinistic, Hinduism, Pagans, and Taoism. (I know this is long but I swear, we are gonna get through this. there are only two things left.) The second to last thing to talk about is how you make money. You want to know how? I think you know how. Taxes. You take the one big apartment that all your citizens live in and upgrades. Yes, your city starts with the little slum like apartment, then give your city a couple wells, and viola it upgrades and you get 5 more $ in taxes per citizen. Yes, its that simple. However the needs change for every upgrade, and so do the amount of taxes. There is only one thing I haven't figured out, and thats how to make your population grow. I am stuck between it goes up with infrastructure, or if I need to make some system with food. And that is my game. Email me (best way to get a hold of me) if you want to help in the planning, give ideas ( I need more laws, edicts, and such), or help coding, or you know, just want to see my spread sheet of the game.
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    Roma Eterna alla Disneylandia

    Its all about the money unfortunately.
  14. Zanatos

    Glory Of The Roman Empire

    Glory of the Roman Empire has a sequel out called "Imperium Romanum" and I think it is quite a bit better than the original.
  15. Zanatos

    Water found at Mars.

    Woo water is found, all that means to me is that hydogen and oxygen bonded. I doubt DNA was made there.
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    Civilization IV

    I sometimes get bored around the Modern Era, but then to ease that boredom I declare war with my advanced military.
  17. Zanatos

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    Chartienrst and I am a male
  18. I would want to know why the Maya civilization fell.
  19. Zanatos

    Glory Of The Roman Empire

    I have never played the Caesar # games so I have nothing to say on them. However I have both CivCity: Rome and Glory of the Roman Empire, and I must say, I much prefer CivCity.
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    Your Hidden Roman Name

    It took me a while but I got here =P
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    Not just Roman

    No, Civilization was never a Real Time Strategy. It is always just a turn based strategy.
  22. Zanatos

    Not just Roman

    but does anyone here happen to play the computer game Civilization IV? I have the two expansion packs and was wondering if any one else here played.
  23. Led Zeppelins "Achilles last Stand" comes to mind So does Iron Maidens "The Trooper" and "Run to the Hills" but those are more like The age of discovery and for the founding of the Republic Megadeth's "Kill the King"
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    Was Jesus Caesar?

    Don't forget Horus of Egyptian Mythology http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3074/264189...b7d580fd0_o.jpg