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  1. Dominus Rex

    Rome Total Realism

    The release date question. I am not a member of the mod team, but have been eagerly awaiting it's release. The answer is It'll be done when it's done.
  2. Dominus Rex

    how far could a pilum be thrown?

    One should also consider, though, that 1 casualty may be a combination of both the pilum and gladius. Because the pilum renders the shield useless, that person may get killed by a gladius, where if they still had their sheild they might have survived. I guess that in this case the gladius does the actual kill, but the pilum is instrumental in it.
  3. Dominus Rex

    Latin speakers website

    I am currently in my 2nd semester 2nd year of Latin, and I am not very good at it, but I shall join and I hope to learn more.
  4. Dominus Rex


    Remember, Paullus didn't want to fight that day, (atleast according to Livy) it was Varro. Paullus just came along for the ride to offer whatever advice he could, since Varro was following his biggest (avoiding battle). It should also be noted that Paullus lost his life that day, while Varro ran away like a scared little monkey.
  5. Dominus Rex

    The Horatii and the Curatii brothers

    I'm not sure, but is it possible that they were 3 brothers, but perhaps not triplets (i.e. different ages)? I'm sure it would be common to have 3 brothers, all of fighting age, from both cities.
  6. Dominus Rex

    The Horatii and the Curatii brothers

    Well, what was the population of both city-states at the time. I personally have no idea. But I am sure that if they were atleast large enough, then it is probable that triplets could happen.
  7. Dominus Rex

    A Poll on the Best Roman Generals

    I'd have to say my top three are- Scipio Africanus Gaius Marius Caesar All for obvious reasons.
  8. Dominus Rex

    Rome Total War

    Titus, if you are annoyed with the 3 roman family faction thing, as I was, then you should download the Rome Total Realism mod. You can get it here. It makes the game so much more historical, and therefore more fun.
  9. Dominus Rex


    I have to say that what Hannibal did at Cannae was tactically brilliant. He took a numerically inferior force and surrounded a larger force. It's true that Varrus made a big mistake, but if you look at it from his view, you can understand. Normally, if your army is twice as big as your opponents, normally you can just steamroll over the center. It was Hannibal's genius that set the trap. As for Hannibals strategy, well, not following up the victory with a march on Rome I believe was his worst mistake and because of it, he lost the war. A note on Varrus's collegue Pallus, well, Pallus didn't want to fight at Cannae. He adheared much more to Fabian stratagies, but as it was Varrus's day to command, he didn't have a choice. I apoligize for my bad spelling.
  10. Dominus Rex


    Also, how would they keep a grass crown together? After a while, when the crown dries out, it seems like it would fall apart.
  11. Dominus Rex

    Europa Barbarorum Mod For Rome: Total War

    This looks like a good mod, and I think I will try it out after finishing my Gaul campaign in RTR. Perhaps it will be very fun. So, it is more accurate than RTR, or just more in some aspects (like barbarian civs)?
  12. Dominus Rex

    Rome: Total War

    I really don't understand much about the standards, except that they add a morale bonus of some kind to nearby units.
  13. Dominus Rex

    Great Battles

    That was an amazing video. As far as I can tell, very accurate, and very cool. The triumphant music was for Hannibal and the Carthaginians, not for the outmanueverd and soon to be slaughtered Romans. I thought the one scene where there was the last Roman soldier fighting before he got cut down and very (for lack of a better word) sentimental scene. If it was just a video of a big battle, I would not have been very impressed, but as a rather historical recreation of Cannae, I thought it was very good.
  14. Dominus Rex

    Living In The Legions

    Please correct me if I am wrong. Before Marius and his reforms, soldiers came from the land owning class and had their own equipment (usually given to them by their parents at 16). After their term, they could go back to their farms, and it didn't cost the State very much. Then, when Marius started recruiting his soldiers from the head count, the poor nobodies who lived in the slums of Rome, armies needed weapons from the State. The new soldiers were so poor they couldn't afford anything, and Rome certainly wasn't going to let ill-equiped soldiers into the field. This provided a large burden on the State and it's treasury. Rome had lots of money, so this wasn't such a huge problem. The real problem came forth when it was time for the soldiers to retire. The old type had farms and land, but the newer soldiers had nothing. Once trained in fighting, it became impossible to put them back in the slums. (That would have been just a really bad idea) So, the generals made promises to their men of land and pensions. The generals was the key there. The senate made no promises to the soldiers, and so they felt no obligation to provide them with what others had promised. Often, the generals then had to pay out their own pocket, which naturally makes the men much more loyal to them. And that is why generals could march on the State and such (once again assuming that their were competant enough) if they wished to.
  15. Dominus Rex

    Living In The Legions

    Very true, But the loyalty these legions had for there commanders and for each other was absolute. To my mind its because they had ONLY been commanded (and paid) by the same Dux. I know im not citing any sources but this is a hypothetical situation. suppose a good deal of the centuries in Caesar's army HAD served with Pompey and Liked him. I am no expert, but I would think that getting his legions to attack other Roman legions. Men they had previously fought with. Officers they had previously served under. Wouldnt the US verses THEM political factor have been reduced? Personally, I think it would have MUCH harder to cross the Rubicon under those circumstances. yes Caesar would have been popular but would he have been popular enough? Would he have had the fanatic loyalty that made Pharsalus a success and brought Octavian to center stage? Would this have forced Caesar to play ball with the senate? I think so, but I dont know. Again I know I am not an expert and this is entirely hypothetical. But am I making any sense? am I making any valid points? More importantly, what are the holes in this theory? The roman army was not a single institution. There was no roman army in that sense. They had a number of legions - seperate armies if you will. Each commander had his quota of men under his charge and he was responsible for their conduct and performance. The legions were motivated by the leadership skills of their officers but also because victories meant the men could carry away booty. Succesful completion of their 25 years would mean honourable retirement plus their pension and even a plot of land. The men had every reason to follow their commander into battle. However, the commanders had no reason to be loyal to Rome other than it was hand in hand with their personal ambition. Well, commanders always had the reason to be loyal to Rome because if they weren't, the Senate could always send out another commamander and army against them. On strong and exceptional leaders could really hope to turn against Rome. A mediocre general would never get away with "crossing the Rubicon."