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UNRV.com - Roman History Newsletter

Issue #12
27. August 2007


UNRV Roman History Newsletter - Issue #12
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Welcome to the twelfth edition of the UNRV Roman History Newsletter! We hope you enjoy it. If you find it useful or informative please pass it along to your friends and colleagues.

In this issue:
1. Interesting threads from the Forum
2. New pages on UNRV.com
3. Essay Contest
4. eLearning Promotion with Dr. Matyzsak
5. Archaeological News
6. Books and Book Review
7. Newsletter information and press

Editorial Foreword
Welcome to the twelfth edition of the UNRV Roman History newsletter. It’s been just over three months since our last newsletter and it is again packed with interesting news, giveaways and an essay competition. A special thanks goes to eLearning for offering a fascinating online course, via Cambridge University, at a very special price for two newsletter subscribers.

1. Interesting threads from the Forum
Why the Roman Republic never came back?
What made Caligula Crazy?
Scenes from I, Claudius, Television Mini-Series
Roman Hair and Shaving, its development in Rome
Carthage in America

Also… did you know selected members have access to their own galleries and blogs, where they share their thoughts and pictures, whether they be Roman related or of general interest? Members Gallery Members Blog

2. New pages on UNRV.com
Over the last couple of months we have added several articles to the era of the “Decline of the Empire
Thanks to reader contributions we've also added two interesting articles: “Roman Naming Practices During the Principate” highlights the diversity of names and families in the early imperial period. “Leading Statesman of the Roman Republic” is a richly detailed list of 101 of the most outstanding Republican politicians. A handy “who’s who?” and what they did.
Additionally, we encourage contributions from our community and general readership as part of the learning experience

3. Essay Competition
Continuing in the tradition of past contests, UNRV is excited to announce a new writing contest for August/September. This will be a non-fiction historical essay writing contest. Prizes are gift certificates to Amazon.com or .co.uk (or any other regional extension based on preference of the winner) in the amounts of US$75 for 1st, $50 for 2nd and $25 for 3rd. Please follow this link for contest information and details.

4. eLearning Promotion with Prof. Matyzsak
We are happy to announce that eLearning from Cambridge University is reducing the costs for two newsletter subscribers on their latest online course “Ancient Rome, the City, Society and Infrastructure” with Professor Philip Matyzsak by 50% off the published rates! Prof. Matyzsak is the accomplished author of “Chronicle of the Roman Republic”, “Enemies of Rome” and “Sons of Caesar”. Additionally, we will be giving away two of his most recent publication, the acclaimed “Ancient Rome on Five Denarii a Day”.

All you have to do is reply to promotion@unrv.com that you are interested in the online course (and the book) and we’ll give you the promotional code to get the discounted price. But hurry, the course starts on the 17th of September and only the first two will get the discount! For more information on the online course see the official site!

5. Archaeological News
Highlights of Archaeological News: “Ancient Rome's Forgotten Paradise”, “Metal Detector Find Reveals Grisly Romano-British Slave Trade” “Archaeologists dig up 2nd-century bath complex in Rome”, “Colossal statue of the emperor Hadrian discovered”, “Etruscan tomb perfectly preserved” and “Archeologists discover footprint made by sandal of Roman soldier” to name just a few.

All the latest news on archaeology, including both Roman and Other international news can be seen at our Archaeological News Forum.

6. Books and Book Reviews
Our review section keeps on growing thanks to our forum contributors.
New reviews are Ancient Medicine, Greek & Roman Warfare: Battles, Tactics, and Trickery, Caesar’s Legacy, Pompeii - The Living City, Roman Architecture, Ancient Rome on Five Denarii a Day… All reviews can be read in our review section In addition a forum member reviewed the DVD of the all time classic “Spartacus” http://www.unrv.com/book-review/spartacus-dvd.php All reviews can be read in our review section.

There are now already over 60 quality reviews in total. We make a concerted effort to provide books to community historical review team. Whether we distribute newly published ‘review copies’ from the publicists or purchase the books outright, we hope to reward our consistent contributors by providing said books for their own libraries. For more info visit our roman media forum.

7. Newsletter information
You can pass on this newsletter, publish it in part or in its entirety under the one condition that full accreditation is given (Company, and home page link). Any online incoming links must contain "UNRV Roman History" as part of the link text.

Thank You for your Support
The UNRV.com Newsletter Team

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