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Roman History
Birth of Republic
Conquest of Italy
Punic Wars
Late Republic
Fall of Republic
Early Empire
Five Good Emperors
Decline of the Empire

Roman History

The greatest empire the earth has ever known is more than just a collection of facts and figures. It represents both the glorious achievement and at times contemptible behavior of mankind.

In the matter of just a few centuries, Rome grew from a very small village in central Italy to the absolute dominant power of the entire peninsula.

In a few more centuries, the Roman Empire`s might reached as far north as Britain, east to Persia and in the south it encompassed the whole of Northern Africa.

Rome's extraordinary achievements and the unparalleled string of influential people shaped the whole of Europe and even the rest of the world.

One super powered nation, encompassing thousands of cultures kept order, stability and civilization in an ancient world fraught with turmoil. The fall of Rome, and the centuries of Dark Ages that followed illustrates the awesome responsibility, reach and impact of the Empire.

Even today, Roman law and foundation of government forms the basis of several modern democracies. Her monuments still stand millennia later, awing and inspiring us. Her language, while for all intents and purposes lies dormant and unspoken, forms the basis or penetrates the deepest fibers of many modern tongues.

Her final faith, Christianity, was spread like wild-fire through the highly connected system of roads and intermingled cultures of the western world. What else has Rome given us?

In this "History of Rome" series, we will explore the development of the Roman Empire and the events that built it. From the foundations as a Republic through the Fall of the West, from the great conquerors to the conquered.

Piece by historical piece, we'll delve into the events and people that shaped not just an era, but the history of an entire planet.

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Did you know?

According to the legend, Rome was founded by Romulus on Palatine hill on April 21st 753 B.C.

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