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UNRV.com - Roman History Newsletter

Issue #16
10. November 2009


UNRV Roman History Newsletter - Issue #16
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Welcome to the sixteenth edition of our UNRV Roman History Newsletter! We hope you enjoy it. If you find it useful or informative please pass it along to your friends and colleagues.

In this issue:
1. Interesting topics of discussion from the Forum
2. New pages on UNRV.com
3. Interview with Adrian Goldsworthy
4. Osprey Books Giveaway
5. Archaeological News
6. Books and Book Review
7. Newsletter information and press

Editorial Foreword
Welcome to the sixteenth edition of the UNRV Roman History newsletter. It’s the second edition in 2009 and is once again full of interesting news, updates, author interviews and a giveaway promotion thanks to Osprey Publishing. With almost 2 million visits in 2009 and more then 93.000 posts in our forum there should be something for any "romanophile"!

1. A few interesting threads from the Forum
Voting in Rome
The Flavian Amphitheater: Actual Name?
Justinian vs. Theoderic, Who's Rule was Better for Italy?
The Saxon Shore Fort Network
Lucifer, God of the Morning Star
Cannae and the Roman Republic
Roman Population Theories
146 BCE, The Great Change
The breakthrough of the Limes


2. New pages on UNRV.com
Thanks to reader contributions we've added the following pages; Surnames of the Claudii, Surnames of the Valerii, Female Gladiators in Archaeology and Re-enactment, Surnames of the Fabii, Roman Musical Instruments, Surnames of the Servilii, Surnames of the Licinii, Intrusive Ideology

Additionally, we encourage contributions from our community and general readership as part of the learning experience.

3. Interview with Adrian Goldsworthy
Adrian Goldsworthy is a British historian and military writer. Goldsworthy went to college in Westbourne School, Penarth. Later, after studying ancient and modern history at St John's College, Oxford, he completed a D.Phil in ancient military history from Oxford University. Goldsworthy is the author of such works as The Complete Roman Army and In The Name of Rome. We had a chance to ask him some questions on his latest book How Rome Fell: Death of a Superpower...

4. Osprey Books Giveaway
We are happy to announce that Osprey Publishing is giving away five books. All you have to do is reply to newsletter@unrv.com that you are interested… (and which title you would prefer) and winners will be chosen in a random draw. Osprey has long been a leading publisher of ancient historical works and is offering the following titles to UNRV visitors:
Spartacus and the Slave War 37-71BC,
Roman Battle Tactics 109BC - AD313,
The Roman Army: The Civil Wars 88-31 BC,
Rome and Her Enemies

5. Archaeological News
Highlights of Archaeological News: “Shedding light on Rome's Catacombs”, “Roman Ruins Survive the Ages Thanks to Volcanic Ash”, “Romans used 20-sided dice too!”, “Marble head of Emperor Titus found”, “Altar to Mysterious Deity Found at Roman Fort“, “Vespasian's villa uncovered north of Rome”, “UK's oldest Roman Coin found”, “Roman tracks in the core of Viking land”, “Nero's rotating banquet hall unveiled in Rome”, “Statue found may be rare depiction of a young Nero”, and “Bust of Julius Caesar believed to be oldest ever found”, are just a few of the lead articles available.

All the latest news on archaeology, including both Roman and Other international news can be seen at our Archaeological News Forum.

6. Books and Book Reviews
Our review section keeps on growing thanks to our forum contributors.

Our review section keeps on growing thanks to our forum contributors. New reviews are; Belisarius: The Last Roman General, Greek Fire, Poison Arrows, and Scorpion Bombs, How Rome Fell: Death of a Superpower, Religion in the Roman Empire, Legionary: The Roman Soldier's Manual, Hadrian's Empire, The Roman Cult of Mithras, Venus: A Biography, Roman Art, The Roman Triumph, Black Ships, The Historical Figure of Jesus, Eagle In The Snow, Age of the Gladiators, and The Classical Compendium. All reviews can be read in our review section.

There are now already over 130 quality reviews in total. We make a concerted effort to provide books to our community historical review team. Whether we distribute newly published ‘review copies’ from the publicists or purchase the books outright, we hope to reward our consistent contributors by providing said books for their own libraries.

For more info visit our roman media forum.

7. Newsletter information
You can pass on this newsletter, publish it in part or in its entirety under the one condition that full accreditation is given (Company, and home page link). Any online incoming links must contain "UNRV Roman History" as part of the link text.

Thank You for your Support
The UNRV.com Newsletter Team

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