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UNRV.com - Roman History Newsletter

Issue #9
22. August 2006


UNRV Roman History Newsletter - Issue #9
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Welcome to the ninth edition of the UNRV Roman History Newsletter! We hope you enjoy it. If you find it useful or informative please pass it on to your friends and colleagues.

In this issue:
1. Interesting threads from the Forum
2. New pages on UNRV.com
3. Giveaway Book Bonanza
4. Archeological News
5. Books and Book Review
6. Newsletter information and press

Editorial Foreword
Welcome to the ninth edition of the UNRV Roman History newsletter. It has been just over two months since our last newsletter and much has happened since then. Now with over 40,000 forum posts and an average of about 8,000 visitors a day, UNRV.com continues to grow at an incredible pace. We are delighted to announce that for the first time a sponsor has volunteered to offer a fantastic book giveaway random drawing. Below you will find the link and information on how to participate for a chance at winning one of eight selected books.

And for those of you have been hiding under the Tarpeian Rock, HBO and the BBC have finally released the long awaited first season of "Rome" on DVD. At least one more season of this acclaimed dramatic series is in the works, so get ready for season 2 coming up in 2007 with this collection of the first 10 episodes.

1. Interesting threads from the Forum
210 Reasons For The Decline Of The Roman Empire
Proscription Declaration, Appian
The End Of Roman Britain
Wearing The Gladius On The Right, What was the advantage?
How Did Italian Arise?
Ruthless Methods Of Keeping Control, Rome under the early Caesars

2. New pages on UNRV.com
The last two months we continued our effort to expand the Roman history section, with already over 260 pages. The era of Marcus Aurelius is now almost completed in the series of the Five Good Emperors.
Thanks to reader contributions, we've also added two excellent articles; Viriathus And The Lusitanian War; and a bio of Byzantine Emperor Tiberius Constantinus.

3. Giveaway Book Bonanza
We are happy to announce a September "Back to School" Book Give Away Bonanza in association with E-Consultancy. We will reward 8 active participants of the UNRV forum with pre-selected Roman History Books in a random draw.

Participation is very simple. Members of the forum who wish to be included in the random draw simply need to post in the "Book Bonanza" thread. Comments about the books (perhaps what you'd prefer if you win) or the drawing itself, a simple "I'd like to participate", or whatever comes to mind will qualify as your entry. Only one entry per person will be allowed, and multiple posts by a single participant will be deleted for clarity.

Everyone is eligible (location not an issue)

This program was made possible thanks to the generosity of E-consultancy, a leading participant in internet marketing and e-commerce, who has graciously provided the funds to purchase the books.

The 8 books that will be available are:
The Punic Wars: Rome, Carthage, and the Struggle for the Mediterranean by Nigel Bagnall
Nero's Killing Machine: The True Story of Rome's Remarkable 14th Legion by Stephen Dando-Collins
A Critical History of Early Rome: From Prehistory to the First Punic War by Gary Forsythe
An Introduction to Roman Religion by John Scheid
The First Man in Rome by Colleen McCullough
The Roman Revolution Ronald Syme
The Emperor Domitian Brian W. Jones
Caesar by Adrian Goldsworthy

We've tried to select a variety of choices that we hope will reflect a wide range of interest. Once winners are determined we will attempt to match the books appropriately.

4. Archeological News
Highlights of Archaeological News: Ancient Roman Sin City Bears Fresh Fruit, Tragedy For Britain!, Augustus' House, Dig Clues Point To Roman Murder, Is The Truth About Masada Less Romantic?, Archaeologists Discover Submerged Roman City and Golden Emperor Returns To Romans' Swiss Capital to name just a few. All the latest news on archaeology, including both Roman and Other international news can be seen at our Archaeological News Forum.

5. Books and Book Reviews
Our review section keeps on growing thanks to our forum contributors.

New reviews are Under the Eagle, Caesar by Christian Meier, The Last Pagan, Rome’s Greatest Defeat, Sand of the Arena, A History of Byzantium, Caesar: A History of the Art of War, Julian: A Novel and In the Name of Rome by Adrian Goldsworthy. All reviews can be read in our review section. There are now already 58 reviews in total. As a thank you to all reviewers we are giving away one roman history related book a month!!! Eligible participants are those members who have made previous contributions to the review, or the general history sections of the site. For more info visit our roman media forum.

6. Newsletter information
You can pass on this newsletter, publish it in part or in its entirety under the one condition that full accreditation is given (Company, and home page link). Any online incoming links must contain "UNRV Roman History" as part of the link text.

Thank You for your Support
The UNRV.com Newsletter Team

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