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Travel Info Sicily

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean basin. The channel (stretto) between the Italian mainland and the Sicilian Island is only 2 miles wide (3,3 km). It's about 100 miles (160 km) from the west coast of Sicily to the coast of North Africa (Tunisia).

The Island of Sicily has a 620 mile (1.000 km) long coastline to offer, but it is mostly rocky beach in the north and sandy only in the south.

Facts and Figures

Official Name: Sicily (Sicilia)
Land Area:      9,925 sq miles (25,700 sq km)
Population:      5,200,000
Capital:            Palermo (676,000)

Sights- and historical buildings in Sicily

Sicily was one of the great melting pots of the ancient world and home to many great civilization that existed in antiquity. When visiting Sicily one will discover not only Phoenician, Greek and Roman monuments but also the heritage left by Arabs, French Normans, Spanish, and Italians.

Something of all of these people was absorbed into the island's artistic heritage, which includes massive Romanesque cathedrals, two of the best-preserved Greek temples in the world (one of it can be seen in Taormina, Roman amphitheaters, and delightful Baroque palaces and churches.

Weather in Sicily

The Island has a Mediterranean climate. This means that winters are in general mild and the summers are very hot. From June through August Sicily is very hot, driving everyone to the coastal resorts. Spring and Autumn are the best times to visit and explore Sicily. The weather is comfortable warm though not hot, and one won't encounter overcrowded places.

How to get to Sicily

To Sicily by Air
The Airports of Rome and Milan are the most used connection points. A flight will take less then an hour from Rome and a bit longer from Milan. In summer there are various charter flights operated by the major European airlines which fly to Palermo from many major European centers.

To Sicliy by Sea
There is a ferry service from Naples to Palermo (app. 7 hours) as well a much faster hydrofoil or catamaran variant (app. 4 hours).

To Sicily by Land
From the Italian mainland to Sicily one can get by train or car by crossing the Strait of Messina with a ferry.

Hotels in Sicily

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