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  1. Maximus Caesar

    The Roman Miltary Tactics

    I have a question: When the Roman encountered the Macedonians on the field of battle, how did they defeat the Macedonian's fourteen-foot sarissas? I mean, any legionnary would get impaled if he tried to advance frontally on the Phalanx, so how did the Romans overcome the long reach of the Macedonians?
  2. Maximus Caesar

    Poll: Why Are You Interested In Rome?

    I voted for "Military Affairs." I was facinated how the Romans became masters of the Ancient World, how their brave legionnaries slashed through ranks of barbarians to establish law and order.
  3. Maximus Caesar

    Sarmation Auxiliary Troops

    According to the Book of Bevin Alexander: "How Wars are won; The Thirteen Rules of War", and in many encyclopedias, The Sarmations were a pugnacious people who evicted the scythians from the region north of the black sea. They developed the heavy horseman, who was the ancestor of knight on horseback.
  4. Maximus Caesar

    King Arthur?

    At least Clive Owen did Arthur's character justice in the film. Why did the Anglo-saxons have crossbows in that era? I though it came only in the middle ages.
  5. Maximus Caesar

    Unrv Newsletter

    Is it free of charge?
  6. Maximus Caesar

    A Few Military Questions

    Also, what did byzantine catapharacts look like? Did the Footsoldiers of Byzantine armies wear the armour of the Western Roman Legionaries?
  7. Maximus Caesar

    Roman Book List

    How about a handbook about the Roman Army, with complete details of their weaponry, clothing, food, the way they fought, and their most famous Battles?
  8. Maximus Caesar

    Hbo Show Rome

    You mean, the collapse of the republic due to the civil wars? Crud. I hope it has some bloody scenes with legionaries slaughtering barbarians.
  9. Maximus Caesar

    A Few Military Questions

    What did the "checkerboard" formation Of the Roman look like? Could anyone help me by posting a pic on this site?
  10. I think they were positioned in their respective provinces.
  11. Maximus Caesar

    Rome Vs Han China

    In a full scale war, Rome would win. Rome's armies are more expierienced operating in hostile territory than Han dynasty armies were. Legionnaries would cut through the thickest hedge of Han army pikes without difficulty.
  12. Maximus Caesar

    A Few Military Questions

    I mean: Did the Roman Legions confront the Macedonians head-on, or did they use flanking? How was it that they were able to defeat the sarissas of the Macedonians if their short swords only had short reach?
  13. Maximus Caesar


    Yeah, and the persians killed a few greeks with those blades mounted on the chariots
  14. Maximus Caesar

    A Few Military Questions

    How could Roman Legions defeat the Macedonians if the Macedonians' Sarissas outreached The Legionnaries' short swords? Did they fight a manuever battle, or did they rely on flanking?
  15. Maximus Caesar


    I don't think so, I think it was made of plastic