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    I'm a third year Latin student and a first year Classic Mythology student. My Latin teacher forces us to know Classical Greek and a lot about Greece since she's spoken both of these classically for the past twenty years, and she professes,
  1. Cyrus

    English to Latin Translation

    I learned Latin at a public school, and I
  2. Cyrus

    English to Latin Translation

    I can write them in greek for you, I believe. Like mine would be, "κυρος" I'd just have to greek out your name and then post them.
  3. Cyrus

    Forum User Names

    Kyros, Cyrus: From Κυρος (Kyros), the Greek form of the Persian name K
  4. Spartan JKM that is some intense work. I mean, I pride myself on knowing something of the ancient world
  5. Cyrus

    Roman Names

    I believe it's Flacca (
  6. Cyrus

    English to Latin Translation

    Jesus dude, it was an on sight translation, and I was joking around. I thought that it was implied? Thanks anyway, yeah, school's on me now, but thanks.
  7. Cyrus

    What Would You Be In Roman Society....

    Legatus Legionis: Anicetus
  8. Cyrus

    English to Latin Translation

    You want me to literally tell you how to ask a small child if he/she came to the gladiatorial games often? lol. I get what you mean, but maybe pick a differnt set of words. but on a quick translation with no checking or anything, it might be: Salve, Puella, spectare quotiens gladitorii? Hey, girl, you watch often the gladitorial games? I'm not too sure about that ending though, i'll check it out later, i'm pretty sure that's a direct translation though*. *NOT PROPER LATIN.
  9. Cyrus

    English to Latin Translation

    Lol, go for it; just don
  10. Cyrus

    Sulla's Reforms

    You know, I never really looked into Sulla's reforms, but this looks to me like the streamline for modern day democracy. The United States system of Checks and Balances, and a more open Senate so that there could be more. These movements substantially seem to be moving power away from the consuls and adding more into the Senate, but at the same time
  11. Cyrus


  12. Cyrus

    English to Latin Translation

    It's actually kind of hard to get a grasp on what the words might mean just phonetically, if you come across the actual lyrics, it'd be much easier.
  13. Cyrus

    Roman Cavalry

    That might have been a name given to a specific group of Equitatus, but I don
  14. Salve Amicōrum! Hello my friends! I
  15. Cyrus

    Trajan Vs. Caesar

    I think Caesar was a better politician and a general, but Trajan was an excellent conqueror. While Caesar conquered Gaul the Roman way,