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Challenge - Find An Old Photo Of Your Home Town

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Here's a collection of six golden oldies of Swindon before the automobile.


This one is the street where I now live. The tram line is interesting because just before the first world war there was an accident with a tram whose brakes failed. Ten people were killed roughly were the photographer is.



The canals were a feature of Swindon before the railways arrived, forming a junction between the Wilts & Berks and the North Wilts canals.



Two views of Marlborough Road, one of the main thoroughfares into the Old Town on the hill. Some of these cottages are still standing. The Midland & South West Junction Railway (Swindons Other Railway) is behind the houses on the left.




One of the major shopping areas in the new town built to service the needs of the Great Western Railway (Their main line is off to the left of the picture)



Manchester Road has been infamous in recent times as Swindons Red Light District. Here it is looking more respectable.



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Bloomington Indiana Court House Square 1918 at the end of WW-I



Bloomington, Monroe County at one of Our Stone Quarries About 1950

Steam driven equipment



Diver at an Abandoned Stone Quarry About 1955





This may be slightly off topic, and just "water under the bridge" but indeed it is historic. The reason this picture was taken was the confluence of events, and when it appeared in the local paper it was noted only for that reason. In it Gary Atwood turns around to look back at Angela DeAngelis on the I.U. campus in late 1969. The couple later married and Angela became a founding member of the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA, re; kidnapping of heiress Patty Hearst) DeAngelis died in a confrontation with police in 1974. (CLICK and read her words:

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I care too much about our members on this Forum to subject them to pictures of my present 'home' town, Droylsden - although we do have a lovely Moravian settlement hidden away behind modern houses; it dates from the 18th century and is wonderful indeed, with cobbled streets - will find a photo...


So, I am posting photos of my real home town - i.e. the town where I was born, and where I lived for the first 30 years of life (notwithstanding a short stay in London 1979/80).


Here is Dukinfield, Cheshire.




Cottages dating from the mid 18th century, known as 'Little Loxley' - and still there to this day. To own one costs a fortune!




This statue stood at the entrance to Dukinfield Park for years, but was stolen at some stage, I believe. Photo dates from the 1950s. The Park was where I first learned to develop my tennis skills. (Oh, yes - I have a mean topspin backhand to this day!)




Our main street through the town - King Street, a road that led from Hyde (the town before us) to Ashton-under-Lyne (the large market town beyond us). This photo is from the 1890s but there was still an odd tram in the earliest days of my childhood. They scared me to death!


I have also found lots of engravings and paintings of old Dukinfield, but these don't really count as photos so I've refrained from posting them.

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Leeds Town Hall 1894, it's still quite an impressive building now, so to see it back then must have been pretty special. I've got pictures of me sat on the lions (four of them at the front of the building) when I was a kid




Leeds General Infirmary 1894, this entrance to the hospital is exactly the same today (apart from the cobbles!)




Leeds Post Office 1897, this is now a very trendy and expensive restaraunt/bar.



Rounday Park 1897.




These next pictures are from my home town of Bramley, which is a suburb of Leeds. This is the Bramley Carnival in 1911. This happened every year up until about 15 years ago, I used to love going to the carnival when I was a kid, there was always a fair, parade's and the legendry "Pram Race" Which involved teams of grown men dressing up in fancy dress and pushing each other in some sort of contraption formed from a pram through a circuit of Bramley stopping of at every pub along the way for a quick pint, I was gutted they stopped this before I was old enough to take part ( Damned Health and Safety!)




This is one of my locals "The Olde Unicorn Inn". The cobbles have now gone but the drinking troughs (for the horses) in the wall still remain.





Bramley town street early 1900's



Another local "The Daisy"





Bramley station bus stop.



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Jumping on the train a little bit late, I stumbled on some pictures yesterday.









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Being partially successful in my search I thought about inflicting images of my home town (or rather village) here but felt that the ones I could find aren't really scenic enough to justify including especially as they mainly consisted of group photographs of villagers rather than buildings.


The slightly confusing if not embarassing aspect to my search was realising that several of the images on the net that I did find have obviously come from our family album that is kept by my father. However, every time I speak to him he denies knowing anything about the net - to the extent of not even owning a computer!

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I found this from a quick Google images search. Only thing I could find through 3 different image searches.



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I found this from a quick Google images search. Only thing I could find through 3 different image searches.

Salve Zanatos,


That's as neat as it can be! Notice the grid system to the streets, how development proceded from the river, and how the grid was readjusted near the river to make the road pattern as efficient as possible. I put it up as my desktop background. What is built now in the triangluar (point) block at the lower right hand side of the photo in the foreground? A monument perhaps?



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This is not quite my home town, but it is my Home State Capital: It was "The City;" called such in earlier days by Indiana citizens who would travel there. The


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I would post a picture of my home town, an aerial shot from about 1960, but i cannot get my hands on it at the moment.


I will most certainly post it later if I am able to locate it--I think the rest of you should post aerial shots too--they are very cool.


Antiochus III

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