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  1. There were many problems that led to Rome's collapse but I think mass migration has to be the biggest contributor. Rome simply could not keep up with it's rapidly increasing enemies. The weaker Roman army could no longer control an enemy that was constantly multiplying through migration. They would defeat a band of barbarians on one day and the next day another band would appear somewhere else to challenge them. The process was endless and the weakened empire was doomed.
  2. Which one leader had the biggest impact on history and our world today, and why? Which leader is the greatest in terms of accomplishments and influence? I know it's hard to choose, but if you had to choose one person to research and write about, who would be your favorite to fit the two above questions. The criteria I used was based on the following: 1. The person must have held the highest position of power recognized. 2. This person cannot only be a Scientist, Religous figure, Philospher etc. He must hold a powerful leadership position. 3. The person must have used this platform of power to accomplish the unthinkable. 4. The person must represent a powerful civilization, for example Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt, Imperial China, Persia, Britian, the U.S. etc. 5. The persons actions must have had a big impact on our world today for better or worse. P.S. If I'm missing some important names, please mention them
  3. tflex

    Global Warming

    There is nothing we can do about climate change, simply because we are not the cause. Global Warming is an unproven theory and is probably nothing but the usual leftist propaganda that plagues politics and pollutes the air we breathe. It was invented by tree hugger hippies for financial gain and political influence to further their twisted leftist agenda. The current climate change, as far as we can tell, is a natural process, until it is proven otherwise. The Earth has gone through countless periods of warming and cooling, and in many cases a lot more extreme than the climate change we are experiencing today. Liberal environmentalists use fear mongering to further their personal agendas. Politically and financially speaking, they have benefited enormously from this myth and created a whole industry out of a lie. It's the biggest con of the 20th century and continues to be in this century. Just to clarify, the warming of the climate is tangible and a fact, although it's insignificant and slight, but it is not due to human activity; the warming itself is also exaggerated. The woolly mammoth didn't start screaming
  4. tflex

    Global Warming

    Global warming is not manmade, it's not even significant. We're due for another ice age in the near future, that's what scientists should be worrying about, instead of using this "global warming" myth to enrich themselves.
  5. tflex

    Augustus, good or bad emperor?

    You're still into Revisionist history Cato? I thought you'd grow out of it eventually. It doesn't matter how Tacitus or some delusional people in Rome felt about Augustus; what matters are the results. Under the great Emperor Augustus, Rome grew out of the petty politics that plagued the late Republic era, and flourished into the greatest empires ever known. Augustus' reign and adminstrative skills triggered the most prosperous era in Roman history, and there is nothing Tacitus can say to alter that.
  6. tflex

    Islamic State of Iran

    Warning! the following link is very graphic: http://www.iranfocus.com/modules/news/arti...hp?storyid=8765 "Tehran, Iran, Sep. 27
  7. tflex

    Saddam's execution

    Yes, but my point was the U.S. didn't give Saddam these weapons so he could gas unarmed Kurds, maybe they were just naive. I agree that Iraq is an artificial country, Great Britian and France had a very bad habit of drawing up artificial borders in the Middle East to keep them divided. The more divided they are, the more influence the west can have over the oil flow. But Arabs only have themselves to blame, they are unable to unite and their culture is pretty screwed up. Common Virgil, be realistic, what you hear in public is not what goes on in private. The U.S. was Iraq's closest ally at that point, they were their main weapons supplier, Saddam as dumb as he is was not going to enter Kuwait without consulting with the U.S., and the U.S. knew his intentions anyways from intelligence sources, but they didn't try to stop him. Infact they did not interfere in anyway shape or form pre-invasion, and in political terms thats a green light. Saddam was expendable, and he probably deserved it. But, there is a reason why Muqtada Al Sadr and all those crazy clerics were silent during the Saddam era, because the butcher of Baghdad spoke their language which is violence. Al Sadr's father was assassinated by Saddam, I don't approve of assassinations, but I don't disaprove of that particular one.
  8. tflex

    Saddam's execution

    I agree with a lot of what Moonlapse said. One thing that cannot be denied, is as ruthless as Saddam was, he was the right man to rule Iraq. The Americans, the Europeans, the Middle Eastern gulf states, North Africa, are all indebted to Saddam. They used him successfuly to halt the Iranian Shi3a influence into the Arab world, and it took a long and bloody war with 1 million deaths to accomplish that. The Sunnis practically owe their existance to the man, because Khoumeini or Khoumeinism was expansionary by nature and would have spread with relative ease and force if it wasn't for Saddam's iron hand and barbarity. I disagree with Moonlapse on this issue though, yes the Americans supplied him with chemical and biological weapons, but not to use on his own people. Furthermore, the first Gulf war was nothing but an American trap by the Bush senior and Baker team. I'm one who hates conspiracy theories, especially the 9/11 ridicolous theories, but this is not a theory, Saddam took permission from the U.S. before he invaded Kuwait and they gave him the greenlight, they set the trap and turned on him the next day. It was a shrewd strategy that payed dividends for the U.S. and its allies. They gained more control and influence on Middle Eastern oil and politics, and Saddam was a total dumby for falling into the trap. As bad as Saddam was, he was the right man for his country. The New World Order is better left where it belongs.
  9. tflex

    Islamic State of Iran

    Dude, I'm Lebanese and in my country there is an Iranian backed militia called Hizbullah. If I express my pro-Israeli views or question Islam publicly, I will be kidnapped, tortured and murdered. So quit with your Fox news stuff. I live in the real word, I was in a war and fired my first gun at 13 years of age. There is a reason why it's called the Islamic Republic of Iran, because Islamic law is upheld. Read Sharia law for more info on what happens to the non-believers. But even in Iran there is corruption and exceptions to the law.
  10. tflex

    Rome And Usa.

    Science: Yes, even though the best Scientists were imported from Germany, Japan and Russia. But now they are Americans, so I'll give you that one. Economic: Without a doubt. Industry: Definately Politics: This is manily becuase of the U.S. military, but if you take politics on it's own, then the U.S. certainly doesn't rank the highest. Business: Definately Medicine: Western Europe and Japan are slightly more advanced in that area. Engineering: Western Europe and some Asian countries have surpassed the U.S. in this field. Social Life: No way! I can tell you for sure from traveling around the world and living in the U.S., that America would rank the lowest in this category. This is the one category Rome had, but the U.S. doesn't have. Social Justice: Agreed, but other countries are just as good. Military: Absolutely One thing I should note on the America/Europe comparison. I've lived in both Europe and the U.S., and I'm sure you've heard this saying before, but it sums it all up: Americans live to work, while Europeans work to live. This is so true, generally speaking Americans have a better work ethic, while Europeans tend to get more enjoyment out of life.
  11. tflex

    Islamic State of Iran

    Looks to me he was put to sleep before his little surgery. Check this link out http://web.amnesty.org/library/Index/ENGMD...&of=ENG-348
  12. So, who's going to Las Vegas, it seems most of you are on the east coast. What's the minimum for the Las Vegas trip? so far we have only four votes including mine, I don't think 4 is enough to make the trip.
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    Jesus blimey! you're still a young chap, you won't need *iagr* until your 80s, so even then it won't be so bad... All the Best and Happy Birthday.
  14. tflex

    Another US election gone by

    I don't see the logic behind the increase in troop numbers, the more U.S. troops in Iraq, the more targets for the terrorists. If Iraq is far from being another Vietnam now, it will only move closer to Vietnam if you increase troop numbers. The only solutions I see is: 1. Use overwhelimg force (I don't mean troop force) to crush the opposition. You must be willing to accept civilian casualties. 2. Install a new dictator that can rule Iraq with an iron fist. Not a new Saddam who was a sadistic criminal, but a Benevolent dictator. I think it was very naive of the Bush adminstration to assume they could bring democracy to a region thats historically turbulent and opposed to western style democracies.
  15. tflex

    Saddam to hang

    It's the other way round, if you don't execute then you don't value human life. When you execute a criminal, you're sending the message not to mess with human life or else...
  16. tflex

    Saddam to hang

    It's called justice; there is nothing barbaric about hanging a mass murderer. People have short memories when it comes to serial killers, but the victims continue to suffer. The slow method is more appropriate in this case.
  17. tflex

    Happy Birthday Moonlapse!

    I would like to take this opportunity to wish Moon the Great a happy birthday, and hope he will remain at the age of 27 for the rest of his life. All the Best
  18. This is an excerpt of an exchange I was involved in with a high ranking Lebanese government official that I know through my fathers friend, I did lose my temper, my text is blue, his is in red: "They are not empty threats. Actually they are not threats at all. There is no need to threaten when the reality itself is indicative of a final showdown & victory against Israel. Israel will not live to see its 70th anniversary. Also, Imam Khoumeini was a peaceful man, that wanted to liberate Palestine, so the Palestinians can have a peaceful system based on equal rights for all the historic inhabitants of Palestine including the Jews ." "I will hold you to that date, you better be around in 2018, your credibility is on the line, as well as your medieval Jihadist ideals. Somehow, I get the feeling this date will have to be extended more than once by your generation and their generation on and on... Are you waiting for god to come down and liberate you from the evil 'jews', because your willingness to die for your fanatical cause won't be enough to wipe out Israel, it's gonna take a lot more than that, but it will be enough to wipe your young men out, when they could have been getting a decent education and building up their future and a family. What do you expect to do with the U.S., are they going to suddenly emigrate to Mars, or maybe your local mosque is giving you economy classes on how the U.S. economy will sink into eternal bankcruptcy, maybe it will according to the economic principles of the mosque, which are based on the same medieval Jihadist principles that predict Israel's destruction in the near future. Before you go around preparing to wipe out Israel from the middle east, you need to take it step by step, you have to start from the bottom of the barrel, try leasing a land somewhere out in the amazon away from the mossad, and practise war games with unarmed orangutans, see if you can invade their jungle, then work your way up, cause it will take a lot more than martyrdom to destroy Israel. Is that the same Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini who founded the Basij Force, you know were parents & mosques willingly volunteered approx. 500,000 brainwashed children as young as 9 years of age to participate in suicidal human wave attacks in the name of god, and were given keys to heaven worn around their necks, so they could use them to enter heaven once they were 'martyred'. 8/10 of these children died for Khoumeini, and as a reward he erected for them a fountain that according to Khoumeini and the Iranian government flows with their blood, in hollywood it is better known as cranberry juice. Talk about a grizzly monument, and this is the same kind of propoganda that Hizbullah & Hamas feeds their children, and the same Khoumeini that Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah idolizes." "So you deny them the right to celebrate the blood of the people who died for the country? what is with that? what is wrong with having a monument to celebrate the martyrs? no. i've seen Khoumeine on tv serve them dinner as humble and as modest as any servant on earth." "Do you see nothing wrong with taking advantage of children who aren't old enough to think for themselves being sent on suicide missions, is there nothing wrong with Khoumeini sposoring such murder of Iranian children, is it necessary to give them keys to heaven. Khoumeini is no different than Saddam, again Iranian T.V. inflates the numbers to 1 million, they actually want the number to be higher for propoganda purposes. Many Lebanese people watched the Iran/Iraq war during the 80s, and saw these images on their T.V. screen, Khoumeini's image of shaking the hands of these children and blessing them beofre their death, is reminscent of Hitler shaking the hands of Hitler youth in the last days of the battle of Berlin. If you see nothing wrong with children being sent to their death by their government, parents and mosques, than you are sick. Khoumeini is no different than Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Saddam, he is a mass murderer." "The Basij was on a purely voluntary bases. In fact, at least 1/3rd of the Iranian army was made up of volunteers." "Oh my goodness some people have totally lost all their senses, you call children as young as 9 years old, and most of them were children because it was easier to recruit them, you call that VOLUNTEERING!!! Have you no shame???? Go watch some footage of mothers and fathers kissing their children goodbye and smiling about it, it's a sick and brainwahed society." "Actually the youngest were 12. You have your beliefs and we have ours. We believe in martyrdom, as I said before, and you believe in turning Lebanon into Monaco. I respect your choice/vision but please respect ours." "You believe in murder, children 9 or 12 cannot think for themselves, Khoumieni, the government, their parents, and the mosques decided their fate for them, they are murderers, and the fact that you're not able to grasp that or admit that, means you are totally braiwashed yourself, but you're an adult, your political positions are suddenly so clear. I will happily debate issues with anyone with a different viewpoint, but I refuse to debate with someone that can't tell the difference between murder of children and martyrdom, as far as I concern, you've made your point loud and clear. But I will not continue to argue such madness and fanatacism. The nerve on some politicians, God help the children." "Let us not use deceptive measures to denounce legitimate means of resisting invaders. Had these boys been forced to do it, they would've run away while on the battlefield, but they did not. They walked through minefields without any fear, this shows that they believed in martyrdom so genuinely that any instinctual fear was overcome by it." All I can say with people like that, especially in government positions, the world & future worries me greatly, talk about an absolute nut. The scary thing is that the arab street thinks the same way. P.S. My dad's friend was pissed at me cause I offended this nut
  19. tflex

    Aim Screename

    I still can't believe that it took me 5 dreaded years before I realized AOL was so crap, that I had to switch to something less crappy.
  20. You're right it is human nature, but it's also human nature to recognize a wrongdoing. Kids being sent to their slaughter, you would think alarm bells would go off, not so with some people.
  21. tflex

    North Korea Nuclear Test

    I see this N. Korea test as a power game being played between the U.S. (the only superpower) and China (a future superpower). The U.S. is getting it's way again, and I truly believe the Bush adminstration wanted this nuclear test to occur in private, while in public they vehemently opposed it. Their refusal to enter into bilateral talks with N. Korea might be translated as the U.S. wanting to include China, Japan, S. Korea, and Europeans into the negotaitions, thereby not offending these key players; my translation is it's a very clever stalling tactic on the part of the Bush adminstration. The last thing China wants is to give Japan a reason to go nuclear, and the one thing N. Korea wants is attention, economic aid, political inclusion & becoming a key player on the world stage. I believe the U.S. played on Kim Jong-il's need for attention, and sat back as he prepared this nuclear test, simpy to stick it to China. Now, the U.S. has a legitimate excuse to let Japan go nuclear, and give them a green light to change their constitution, which would enable them to expand their military and balance out China in Asia. Ironically, the Japanese constitution in place now, was drafted by the U.S. to prevent the rebuild up of Japan's military after their defeat in WW2. With Japan preparing to go nuclear or just the possibility of it, the U.S. will have more leverage over China, and will most definately use Japan as a negotiating tool and a card against Chinese interests, as well as controlling threats to the U.S., such as Iran who is acquiring nuclear & military technology from China to oppose U.S. policies in the middle east. Don't be surprised if China halts it's support of Iran's nuclear ambitions in the near future. Furthermore, it should be mentioned that N. Korea is not a direct threat to the U.S., it does not have the technology to deliver a nuclear weapon, let alone one that could reach the U.S. Personally, I support such a strategy, China should be balanced out by Japan in the region. I'm very uncomfortable with the Chinese government cozying up with terrorist states like Iran and communist nuts like Chavez in Venezuela.
  22. tflex

    North Korea Nuclear Test

    I disagree, the Japanese public is notorious for being uninformed in politics, furthermore Japan & China hate each toher, China already has nukes, and Japan would like nothing more than to counter that, as well as emerging from the shadow of WW2. Japan will always need the U.S. to counter China and the rest of Asia giving it an edge over it's neighbours, just like England will always need the U.S. to counter the rest of Europe. The U.S. main concern is China, an emerging superpower. The country that has most to lose from N. Korea going nuclear is China, it's very clear. Japan might or might not go nuclear, but the mere threat that the U.S. now has a legitimate excuse to arm Jaoan with nukes, will force China into concessions. Arming Japan with nukes is no longer a provocative action by the U.S., but self defense and a deterrent according to Japan & America, so China is really cornered now.
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    Expose them Ursus, so they can be interrogated and shamed.
  24. tflex

    Pagan Origins Of Easter

    Would they still coincide using the biblical solar calendar. Also, the bible considers Jesus the passover Lamb, and thats what's suppose to be celebrated; instead easter is celebrated, you know with the rabbit & egg symbolism, quick as a bunny is an asset in those mass orgies. As a christian it's truly sad to see such a holy day be polluted this way. The Bible mentions Ishtar in the old testament in a negative light, as a pagan goddess.
  25. tflex


    Anyway to track the individual. We need to apply Roman justice.