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  1. On an off question LW, are you a man or woman (since your an adult now) I never quite new.


    Anyways, congratulations on becoming an adult, you can vote now and all those jolly good things, though you can't drink. I'm only 13 so, I've still got 5 years, 5 years to pass a drivers test....that is....

  2. When it comes to some of them, that is who they are deep down. For me, when it comes deep down to it, I think it says a ton about a person, its obvious that they chose that path (which is half a cowards way our in my opinion) and that tells me alot about that person. It tell you that they are the type of person, that choseto put themselves down, rather than try to elevate themselves.


    Sorry, I have no respect for that, or some one who would submit themselves to that, there is no good reason.


    These are the people I'm refering to when I say I hate goths, my opinions are mingled dependong the exact situation though.

  3. That was my plan Flavius my friend, I'll see how things turn out, and I'll be sure to keep this blog up to date, as well as find a picture of the girl and get it on the comp, though its hard for me, I don't have a scanner in my room... so I'd have to do that when my parents weren't here and I'd have to figure out how to get it to my comp and etc... but non the less.


    For a little info, she is indian, long hair, shorter than me (though most people are) and she seems realitively subservian... the type of student who will do everything asked of them, never forgeting and assignment or not doing the "right" thing, though never a teachers favorite. A person who has little problem allowing other people to talk, all the time, though that may come in handy, it may not. I get the feeling she comes from a lower-middle middle class family by the neighborhood she gets off the bus, I know she is friends with a certain crowd, which gives me the advantage.


    Though the hardest part will be breaking the ice and trying to get her to talk to me regularly.

  4. Ah, Happy Birthday Flavius my Friend. I wish you luck with getting what ever it is that you want for your birthday, and I'm sure you'll get a girlfriend at some point or another (though i still fail to get one). Also, I'll drill you on latin as much as I can (not too much but non the less) and with you on the team, your team will be first for sure, since besides sergio, you're the best I know on UNRV.


    Also, perhaps we can work something up for you on UNRV...

  5. Quite honestly, its not the countries choice to not censor topics. I quite honestly beleive that if google decided to censor any gov't related topic, it should well be perfectly legal, not right, but legal. It is there choice what they do, and they wish to not make any international enimies, especialy comunists. If google wants to doom their company to oblivions, be my guest.


    Though I have to admit, there was NO good way out of this request. Either way they make people mad at them...

  6. the gov't really needs to focous on bigger issues than child *or*, I'm sorry, but Its not that big a problem to me. I'd much rather have teenagers looking at models on a screen that making themselves look stupid in real life.... though I still don't support it....don't get me wrong, I just think the gov't should move on to bigger things. Personaly I think this is mostly a little fiasco they're pulling to draw attention from the NSA ordeal.

  7. You see, the only thing stoping us from doing anythign efficiant in the Middle East is those (excuse my language) *** **** terrorists who don't know when to f***ing stop! What the hell! These people have officialy suceeded in becoming THE MOST ANNOYING people on Earth, and the worst part is, we can't do a stinking thing about it becuase they'll bomb the capital with some idiot with bombs straped to their back! Personaly, I say we take some decisive military action. Its all our fault in the first place though for allowing countries like Iran and N. Korea to build up these nuclear arsenals.


    I apologize for the intinsity of what I just said, I needed to vent.

  8. Please note that I meant the shack of guns out on the farm as a joke.


    Also, I apologize for you being offended by my statements, I've just always had a very negative view towards "goth" and things like that. Only more so the extreme ones though, if you've dyed your hair green, you've gone to far. But I don't mind if you just have friends that wear black and what not. Sorry, I obviously wasn't thinking clearly when I wrote my post, in the mists of something or other... :)

  9. I' love to say "I know what your talking about" but I can't, and don't care to. Sorry. Bomb threats are a major issue now though, and the gov't is taking them very seriously. Nothing ever happens at my school honestly. Heck, we've got a few wackos that are goth or what ever it is, I have no respect what so ever for them, so I figure if they get around to doing something (other than to themselves) it will be towards me and my lot. I'm prepared for that though, we don't keep the family farm around for nothing, come after me, I'll be a county away with a shack of rifles and enough ammo keep the table full of veniscene for the months to come.


    I advise everyone else follow this idea and to be like me, that way when something insane happens, you can come over to my farm and we can hunt together....


    Anyways, sorry to get off track. All I can say is that must of been a real annoyance. Fortunetly, we don't have to fly in the k9 unit...

  10. No. Might as well ask Republicans to nominate an Atheist.


    Well, that party is out of the question for me....


    Also, I do think General Clark would've made a great canidate. He is one of the few people who has managed to make their military position slightly political and I'm in favor of generals becoming politicians. They know the effect battle has on a nation, and the effects war has on the mind. However the also know what its like to have a life at home.