About UNRV History

UNRV... United Nations of Roma Victrix represents the all encompassing power of Rome in the ancient world. United and Romanized, through conquest, or absorbed through its culture, Rome still stands today as a legacy to the achievement of mankind, and its failures.

UNRV Roman Empire aims to give visitors a substantial look into what Rome was. We will delve into all aspects of its society and those of her neighbors, and perhaps share a greater understanding of our own world through that of the past.

Through the sharing of archeological news, and in-depth content, we can only hope that just one person will be inspired to dig deeper into history. We hope to provide a forum for those who study Rome in all forms. A place for scholars, students and those who seek to learn, to exchange ideas and gather information. Perhaps just one influenced mind will discover the next Rosetta Stone, or unveil lost secrets of the archaeological world.

Welcome and enjoy,

The UNRV team.

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