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    The Servant of Aphrodite by Philip Matyszak


    It takes an exceptional author to write an intriguing and suspenseful book like The Servant of Aphrodite. Professor Philip Matyszak (Maty) is definitely such an author. He possesses the necessary writing skills, intellectual brilliance, experience, and background to write a novel that is not only gripping, but also educational, and interesting. Since 2003 he has authored over twenty successful books.  The Servant of Aphrodite is a reflection of Maty’s extensive travel, interesting background, and in-depth knowledge of ancient Rome. The storyline of A Servant of Aphrodite is built upon the aftermath of the Roman military disaster at Arausio in 105 BC and is a sequel to Maty’s earlier book The Gold of Tolosa. Lucius Panderius is the protagonist in both novels that also feature other notable historical personalities such as Consuls Caepio, Marius, and Sulla....


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