Roman Literature:

Flavius Eutropius

Eutropius (not to be confused with Eutropius the Eunuch), was a pagan historian who once served as magister memoriae at Constantinople in the Eastern Roman Empire under Valens, and went with him on his Persian campaign.

Little else is known of the man other than the fact that he wrote a Compendium of Roman History that covers the history of the Romans up to 364 AD. Mostly dependant on secondary sources, it helps fill in some gaps in the histories and is suprisingly concise and free from literary embellishment.

"Nero attempted no conquest in the military way, and very nearly lost Britain. Under him two very famous towns were there taken and destroyed"
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Did you know?

The Breviarium historiae Romanae is a complete compendium, in ten books, of Roman history from the foundation of the city to the accession of Valens.

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