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Modern Source

Dies Saturni Day of Saturn Saturday Direct passage from Latin
Dies Solis Day of the Sun Sunday Direct passage from Latin
Dies Lunae Day of the Moon Monday Direct passage from Latin
Dies Martis Day of Mars Tuesday Originally Tiwesdaeg 'The day of Tiw',
from the Norse Tysdagr.
Dies Mercurii Day of Mercury Wednesday Originally Wodnesdaeg 'the day of Woden' (Odin), from Norse Odinsdagr.
Dies Jovis Day of Jupiter Thursday Originally Thursdaeg 'the day of Thor',
from Norse Thorsdagr.
Dies Veneris Day of Venus Friday Originally Frigesdaeg 'the day of Freya',
from Norse Freyjasdagr.

Did you know?

The Romans did not have weekdays in the same sense as our Monday, Tuesday, etc., however, they did have a defined markers within each month. Originally, the month and the markers were based on the moon.