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Velleius Paterculus

Retired army officer from Campania who served extensively in the eastern provinces, his only work is the Compendium of Roman History in two books, the first which survives in small part and the second fully intact. It is a weak, abridged history, very flattering to the aristocracy and worshipful of the imperial family, particularly Tiberius under whom Velleius served.

Most valuable for data on Roman colonies and provincial history. It is speculated that he might have been executed for his support for the ill fated Praetorian Prefect Sejanus.

"Nurtured by the teaching of eminent praeceptors, a youth equipped in the highest degree with the advantages of birth, personal beauty, commanding presence, an excellent education combined with native talents, Tiberius, as quaestor when he was eighteen years old, gave early promise of becoming the great man he now is, and already by his look revealed the prince."

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Vellei Paterculi Historiarum Libri Duo

Did you know?

Velleius Paterculus was little known in antiquity. He seems to have been read by Lucan and imitated by Sulpicius Severus, but he is mentioned only by the scholiast on Lucan, and once by Priscian.


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