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Roman Empire Map for Sale

UNRV.com is thrilled to present a Wallmap of the Roman Empire. Exhaustively researched* over the course of two years and subject to five months of design and historical scrutiny, this 'poster' is not simply an artistic work, but truly an educational resource in its own right.(* see sources listed at the end of this page)

Map of the Roman Empire
At its Greatest Extent circa 117 AD

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Includes shipping costs:
Roman Empire Maps

The map of the Roman Empire is presented in full, vibrant color measuring a versatile ca. 24" x 36" (ca. 61 x 91 cm). With aqueous coating (a protective layer), this poster was professionally printed on 100# silk matte paper for durability and resistance to glare. Designed in 300 dpi resolution, this vividly detailed wall map of the Roman Empire is available for only US$51,49 (includes shipping cost).

High definition topographical relief and landcover data provided by the U.S. National Park Service has been used to create an exceptionally realistic foundation. The land within the borders of the Empire is slightly shaded to bring out the limits of Roman influence with the ease of a glance. From a distance, one sees the clear and stunning outline of the empire in Europe, Asia and Africa, but up close the detail and information provided is incredible. In addition, regional borders are shaded with various colors to provide five different eras of imperial expansion culminating in the reign of Trajan (and the empire's greatest extent) circa 117 AD.

This map is unique wall decor that is perfect for the den, office or classroom and will delight history buffs; particularly those with a special interest in the Ancient Roman Empire. With the map features presented in the original Latin, it will also make an educational tool for the student, teacher or professor. No classroom focused on ancient history or classical studies should be without this spectacular reference and conversational piece.

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Some of the highlighted features:

  • Over 750 cities with different icons for provincial capitals and city size.
  • All 30 active legions presented in their known headquarters along with additional 'former' bases.
  • 8 major (2 imperial and 6 provincial) naval bases.
  • Over 150 'barbarian' tribes in their generalized known locations.
  • 120+ major waterways labelled. (Rivers, lakes, seas and oceans)
  • Over 125 battles including icons to differentiate civil wars and revolts from 'Rome vs. enemy'.
  • All provinces and neighboring 'kingdoms' or territories.
  • 120+ Major regions and geographic points of interest such as mountains and islands.
  • Important trade goods numbering over 150.
  • Trade routes by sea and known caravan routes with approximate travel times for select routes.
  • 25+ labelled roads in addition to a vast network of known locations.
  • The limits of expansion as of 197 BC, 100 BC, 30 BC, 46 AD and 117 AD.
  • Elaborate legend included within the map explains the details

    North-eastern region of Hispania

    Southern fringe of Asia Minor and Achaea

    Rome and its 'environs'

    Carthage and Africa

    Alexandria, Aegyptus including the battles of Caesar and Octavian in 48 and 30 BC
    and the Jewish revolts in 66 and 115 AD

    The Roman Empire Map is priced at USD $51,49 (includes shipping costs). Your map will be carefully packaged and shipped, and will reach you rolled and tubed in a transport sleeve.

    Includes shipping costs:
    Roman Empire Maps

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    Modern Military Sources (in addition to compiled archaeological data regarding legionary locations):
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    Roman Empire Map


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