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There is an enormous number of fantastic books regarding Egypt, however, you might not find one perfect book that covers everything there is to know about travelling there. That`s why one has to carefully select the topic one would like to research/read about regarding the incredible tourist destination of Egypt. There are excellent books about the ancient history of the country like The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt by Ian Shaw, fantastic books about Cairo`s architecture The Monuments Of Historic Cairo by Nicholas Warner or even books about the food in Egypt A Memoir with Recipes by Colette Rossant

When you buy travel books about Egypt

Always keep in mind that the book should be specifically about Egypt. There is nothing more irritating than to buy a book about a specific country but you end up with an overview rather than in depth information of your favourite destination. Make sure that you buy a book that's not too old (published date) because the travel information could be way out dated. If possible buy a book about Egypt that has plenty of pictures in it. After all, you would like to see as much of the country as possible, so you can plan your trip accordingly. We've collected the (in our opinion) best travel books about Egypt available. I hope you find the selection useful. Happy reading!

Very good travel books about Egypt

Traveler's Key
A travel guide that explores the spiritual significance of the sights of Egypt. Revised edition.
DK Eyewitness
Offers sensible organization of the book, readable and humorous writing, and excellent maps.
Travel Egypt
Looking for a egypt travel guide that dares to be honest? This Cruise Guide book tells you how it really is!
National Geographic
National Geographic brings 113 years of travel expertise to today`s sophisticated globe-trotters.
Lonely Planet
Bestselling guide to the ancient land of the Pharaohs that covers every corner of this inspiring country.


Egypt has a arid desert climate. It is hot or warm during the day, and cool at night. In the coastal regions, temperature daytime temperatures range between an average of minimum 14 °C (57 °F) in winter and average of maximum 30 °C (86 °F) in summer. In deserts the temperature vary to a great degree, especially in winter; they may range from 7 °C (44.6 °F) at night, to 40 °C (104.0 °F) during the day. While the winter temperatures in deserts do not fluctuate as wildly, they can be as low as 0 °C (32 °F) at night, and as high as 18 °C (64.4 °F) during the day.Hot and dry Khamsin winds blow in the Nile Delta region Egypt receives less than 80 mm (3.15 in) of precipitation annually in most areas, although in the coastal areas it reaches 200 mm. It hardly ever rains during the summer.


Tourism is a major foreign exchange earner in Egypt, with 9,990,000 foreign tourist arrivals in 2007. Tourism figures in Egypt grew by 20%in 2007 with roughly 10 million tourist arrivals according to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). The greatest tourist attractions in Egypt are the antiquities for which Egypt is known worldwide. Principal attractions include the pyramids and Great Sphinx at Giza, the Abu Simbel temples south of Aswan, the Valley of the Kings, and the The Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha in Cairo. also coastal areas in sinai. Passports and visas are required of foreign visitors except natives of several Middle Eastern countries. Transit voyagers, however, that travel by ship or plane are not required to obtain visas. Travellers native to most of Africa must have proof of cholera and yellow fever vaccination.

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