Roman Literature:


Lucianus of Samosata (c. 120 - 180 AD) was among the greatest of Roman satirists, but also wrote poems, rhetoric and biographies. He is best known though for his 'Dialogues' which give a satirical approach to Roman mythology.

Other works were also particularly influential including 'The True History, which shaped later writers such as Rabelais and Swift. Another work, 'The Passing of Peregrinus' is one of the earliest surviving works depicting pagan attitudes towards Christians.

Dialogues of the Gods
Dialogues of the Dead
The Passing of Peregrinus
The True History

Attributed to over 80 works, but some seem to be unlikely or incorrect attributions

Did you know?

Satire as a distinct genre of writing was first developed by the Romans in the second century BC. Regarded by the Romans uniquely 'their own', satire had a special place in the Roman Imagination.

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