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Lucius Annaeus Florus

Little is known of him for certain other than his birth in Africa province. It is reported by later authors that he traveled to Rome to make his life as a man of letters, but eventually found himself in Tarraco, Hispania Tarraconensis where he founded a school.

He returned to Rome and was befriended by Hadrian. Other than a few letters and poems, his only work is a two book abridged panegyric history of Rome called Epitome of Roman History. It is devoted mostly to military events and takes much from Livy.

"To Hadrian:
I don't want to be Caesar, please,
to tramp round the Britons, weak at the knees,
[lost line]
in the Scythian frosts to freeze.

Hadrian to Florus:
I don't want to be Florus, please,
to tramp round pubs, into bars to squeeze,
to lurk about eating pies and peas,
to get myself infested with fleas."
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Epitome of Roman History

Did you know?

Lucius Annaeus Florus was also knows as Julius Florus or Publius Annius Florus.

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