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Enemy Leaders of Rome

Some Enemy Leaders of Rome
Year Leader Nation
390 - 387 BC Brennus Gauls
320's BC Gaius Pontius Samnites
280 - 275 BC Pyrrhus Epirus
261 - 242 BC Hamilcar Barca, Hannibal Gisco Carthage
218 - 202 BC Hannibal Barca Carthage
190's BC Philip V Macedonia
190's BC Antiochus III Seleucia
171 - 168 BC Perseus Macedonia
147 - 139 BC Viriathus Lusitania
110 - 106 BC Jugurtha Numidia
73 - 71 BC Spartacus Slave Revolt
70's - 60's BC Mithridates VI Pontus
50's BC Vercingetorix Gauls
9 - 16 AD Arminius Germanics
60's AD Boudiccea Iceni
100 - 105 AD Decebalus Dacians
243 - 260 AD Shapur I Persia
250's AD Cuiva Goths
270's AD Zenobia Palmyra
400 - 410 AD Alaric Visigoths
440's - 450's AD Attila Huns
450's - 460's AD Geiseric Vandals

Did you know?

Pax Romana, Latin for "the Roman peace", is the long period of peace experienced by states within the Roman Empire. The term stems from the fact that Roman rule pacified regions which had suffered from the quarrels between rival leaders. During this time Rome still fought a number of wars against neighbouring states and tribes, however it was an era of relative tranquillity, in which Rome endured neither major civil wars nor serious invasions.

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